Yonex NanoRay 7000i Badminton Racket – Review

It’s a headset light racket equilibrium racket that’s made for a quick swing and speedy repulsion.  A player who prefers to play quickly drive shots will prefer this racket.

Racket weight is approximately 89 gms while it’s a moderate bend racket.  Medium Flex and headlight mix give rapid racket swing and precise shift positioning to court.

Yonex Nanoray 7000i framework is designed with Aero kind cross-section that offers less air resistance and outcomes into better racket managing.  With Isometric head contour, the participant will get expanded sweet spot area for maximum strength stream.

Yonex used Isometric head shape within this racket rather than oval form.  The isometric head shape made to provide a similar span of vertical rope as the flat string.

This new framework shape provides the following key Advantages to gamers A – Isometric contour gives better head equilibrium.  B – Isometric head shape provides an enlarged sweet spot where a participant can put powerful shots.

C – Using Enlarged sweet spot, badminton player can reach effective shots if shuttle struck off center.  Yonex utilized hybrid badminton racket framework idea.

Aero Cross-segment offers less air resistance so help in greater racket swing rate, better power transfer to a shuttle.  Further, Box type framework is utilized at mid and lower manners which give better durability to racket framework.

With greater durability, a participant will feel much better racket head equilibrium that helps in great direction management of distance. Yonex Constructed in T Joint Joint of any gadget is a poorer part and its impact the total dynamic of this gadget.

In Racket, T joint is a poorer part and its impact the racket equilibrium when shuttle strikes the string bed.  Throughout shuttle effect on the series mattress, forces are moved to T joint and also when combined is weak in character then it might lead to direction uncertainty of shuttle.

Yonex identified this issue and developed constructed in T Joint.  Yonex utilized Molded deep into the layers of graphite that gives joint free segment and supply more inflexible racket.


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Written by ATH