Tips To Select The Best Tennis Club

With challenging playing field and simple rules, tennis is an overall exciting game. This sport demands engagement of both the body and mind. It is a great exercise too. If you are just a learner or a trained player with potentiality or you are a competitive player, seeking for a team- in every case, finding a tennis club which suits you is very vital as it leaves a great impact on the game. Here are a few tips which may help you to find the best tennis club in Fort Lauderdale.

The surface of the Court:- Besides playing tennis as a sport and for exercise, you must learn to be competition ready. Now the competition venues can have different court surfaces. So choose a tennis club in Fort Lauderdale where you can avail at least two major type of courts- clay and hard. The former helps the ball to slow down and bounce higher whereas the latter helps the ball to move faster. So learn to play on both the surface.

Determine who is a pro:- Most of the pros in tennis are skilled and trained tennis players but not all of them are trained tennis teachers but that is a major part of the job of an efficient pro. So before you select a tennis club in Fort Lauderdale, make sure to know whether the teachers are certified from the concerned board and authority and their ranking and association. Also, try to know their past work experience, the profile of their students and how long they are in this field. Do not take these tennis clubs as mere summer camps where the teachers teach how to play tennis casually.

Programme for the Children:– If you want to enlist the name of your child to the club then inquire about the programmes of the club, specially designed for the children. The range of the lessons must be from the level of beginners to advance and also the programme should make the children ready for competitions.

Now, apart from these tips there is something else. Firstly, go to the tennis club which offers some other choices than only tennis court such as swimming pool or golf course. It helps you to spend some family time with people interested in different sports. Check the services of a club beforehand in the website. The second thing is the price which is, of course, an important factor. Make a budget and a list of activities you want at the club first, then choose the tennis club accordingly.


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