NFL Fun Day: Sunday Week-11 Betting Odds

The thunderstorm is not too far. The champions have taken their position for the upcoming Super Bowl of this 17-week tournament. The days of National Football League are heading to its end where 16 teams from both the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) chase to wear the crown of this championship.

Both these conferences are responsible for providing 16 best teams for this battle. Six teams from both the conference will participate in the end battle for Super Bowl. All these 17 weeks are heaven for those who have got the power of making money through this league. This magic emerges from the analytics and collected data. Analyzing this historical data provides valuable insight for predicting good result. WagerBop Sport Picks are one such example which determines odds and underdogs for the league through the analysis of historical data. Betters from all over the world have golden opportunity to catch a big amount from this gold river. Ten weeks have already passed clearing the picture of our next champion. Here is the short picture of the week-11 Sunday matches and betting odds which will tell us who is where.

Date: Sunday, November 18th 2018

1). Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-4):

Whether you are a big fan of Bengals or not? Their performance in week-8 against Buccaneers was really impressive. They won by 37-34. But their defeat in week-10 from Saints was painful where the scoreboard screamed 51-14.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Baltimore Ravens (-4)

2). Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons:

Cowboys took over Eagles in last match with 27-20. It’s not a good time for Falcons after 28-18 defeat from Browns.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Atlanta Falcons (-3)

3). Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants (-1):

Giants were on fire in last match against 49ers where they registered victory of 27-23 this Sunday. And, Buccaneers went cold in front of Redskins scoring 16-3.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: New York Giants (-1)

4). Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars:

Steelers rocks in the last match against Ravens hitting 23-16 marking a clear victory. Jaguars lost in last match against Colts with 26-29.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5)

5). Houston Texans at Washington Redskins:

Redskins got relieved winning week-10 match against Buccaneers scoring 16-3. Who knows what will be the outcome of this match for Texans who were on goodbye in last week?

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Houston Texans (-3)

6). Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts:

Titans took over Patriots and Cowboys in a row by 34-10 and 28-14 on charts.  Colts are also one of the good runners after they proved their skills winning 29-26 against Jaguars.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Indianapolis Colts (-3)

7). Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions:

Panthers that made Franchise Record for scoring 35 first half points in week-9 against Buccaneers are the best choice of betters. Lions are following defeat from Bears. They chased 22-34.

Timing: 01:00 PM ET

Betting Odds: Carolina Panthers (-4)

Monday, November 19, 2018

8). Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers:

Chargers marked a powerful victory scoring 20-6 against Raiders. They were also on fire in week-9 where they scored 25-17 against Seahawks.

Timing: 04:05 PM ET

Betting Odds: Los Angeles Chargers (-7)

9). Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals:

Raiders faced two back to back defeats in the past two weeks. Cardinals are 2-7 on scoreboard with a zigzag career.

Timing: 04:05 PM ET

Betting Odds: Arizona Cardinals (-3.5)

10). Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints:

Saints enjoyed an incredible victory over Bengals by 51-14 last week. At the same time, Eagles were losing by 20-27 from Cowboys.

Betting Odds: New Orleans Saints (-7)

11). Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears:

Last two matches for Bears were Thanksgiving. They defeated Bills and Lions by 41-9 and 34-22 respectively.

Timing: 08:20 PM ET

Betting Odds:  Chicago Bears (-3)

The old days are gone where predictions were the part of just past few matches result. Now, this technological era is offering better ways to make accurate decisions on the basis of huge data. The time has arrived, place your bid and start counting for the best.


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Written by sanjayit38