Momo Challenge, the new death game after the Blue Whale

Last year, the game called Blue Whale on the Internet had created an atmosphere of fear over the lives of many children. But now another kind of game on the Internet is getting viral, which is being seen in Argentina by linking a 12-year-old girl’s death. This game, named Momo Challenge, has once again created an atmosphere of fear on the Internet and has become a threat to children and adolescents.

What is Momo Challenge? According to an English website, an account has been created on Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube with Momo, which uses a horror woman such as artwork display picture. Like the Blue Whale, Momo Challenge also asks the children playing to do some task with unknown mobile numbers. If players refuse to do any task, they threaten to make their personal information or secret photos viral on the Internet. At the same time he scares them with the help of many objectionable photos.

Many Views and statements on this deadly game has been seen viral .

On twitter ,Rosie told,” momo challenge the new version of the blue whale challenge or sumthin?”

A Social Media user ,Malik Aamir twitted ,” This new “Momo auto challenge challenge” on WhatsApp”.

Even many thinks of the creator of this game is really sick and we should take care of our children to save their future unforeseen.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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