Why solar energy is the way to go in 2018

The scarcity of natural resources has led us to the infamous energy crisis. The long decades of mismanagement and technical failure has inadvertently caused a lot more damage to the environment than we could measure. Things look bleak at the moment because of the overpopulation on the planet and the strain it’s putting on nature to accommodate the growing numbers of people and diminishing number of other species.

Almost all of us were taught about renewable energy and the good it can do to the damaged planet. We were taught about solar power and wind energy, hydroelectricity, and nuclear energy. All these things that were once a topic of our environmental studies textbooks are now a dire need. The planet needs us to take responsibility and fix the problems our ancestors have caused.

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Out of all the sources of renewable energy, solar power is the most reliable. Water would run dry and become scarce in a lot of countries; the wind may change its route due to climate change and global warming. However, the sun will always keep rising and will exist for a longer time than planet earth. The majority of the planet has days longer than 12 hours. These twelve hours are more than enough to provide power to solar panels and run your homes on solar energy.

Solar energy can be utilized in countless ways. It can be used to run not only the appliances at your home but can also be used for entrepreneurial purposes. Solar Installations can automate field work. The humanized solar software can be custom built for you. Isn’t that great for the future?

Here is a list of reasons we have shortlisted for you to know why solar energy is the way to go in 2018.

Paying less for utility

Installation of solar panels on your roof is ideal for the summer for many reasons. Due to the long sunny days, your solar installations would work up to their full capacity and keep your home beautiful and fresh, all day long.

You can even look up the local utility rules to conserve energy for the winter months when the sunlight is not there for as long. The earlier you go solar, the more likely are you to get a financial return. The 30% tax reward for solar installations is a brilliant idea. Not only does it motivate the locals to install solar operations for monetary gains but also creates awareness for the younger population who will directly be subjected to the problems created by the energy crisis in the future.

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Varied Uses

Solar energy might be primarily used for photovoltaics; electricity, but there’s quite a lot more potential in this natural source of energy. You can produce heat through solar thermal techniques. Areas with weak infrastructure can gain access to a better supply of electricity and power can be directed through satellites. Water can also be distilled by the power of solar energy. It is a win-win for everyone!

You can run your home, office and now even the places with failed energy grids can benefit from solar energy.

Save more, pay less for maintenance

Solar panels for your home are quite actually, a catch. Once you get them installed, there’s not much left to pay for support. You need to clean the panels regularly a few times a year, and they are competent to serve you for 25-30 years. The inverter needs a change every five to ten years due to its consistent performance. The cables need to be checked once every few years.

Since there is no movement involved, the panels do not suffer from wear and tear. Maximum efficiency is guaranteed after the initial cost and minimum checks!

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Going forward

The best thing about the solar power industry is that it’s advancing through leaps and bounds. There was once a time when solar energy was the talk of books. But recent years have proven how powerful scientific advances have made solar energy easily accessible for us.

We now have a wide array of options available for daily use. Eco-friendly home appliances are the boon of the century. Refrigerators, air conditioners, chimneys, you name it, and there’s a product available for you.

A lot of the people feel the urge to do something for the planet in the name of conservation but do not have the financial resources to obtain solar energy installations due to their heavy pricing. But worry not, there is still a lot of other things that you can do instead. You can replace the regular porch LED lights with solar-powered lights. Since a lot of us have our entire lives revolving around our cell phones, we can use solar-powered chargers for our phones. There’s an option for window charging facilities for those who want to charge their phones in a parked car!

Did you know that you can use solar-powered lanterns and lamps? The bibliophiles and introverts who feel the need to be energy conscious can use this. The people who love road trips and celebrating outdoors can have fun with the solar-powered Bluetooth speakers that are readily available on Amazon!

Solar installations for the entire house may be pricey. Yes, they need a lot of space too. But then, they benefit the planet. There is no other planet suitable for human habitation at the moment. With climate change and global warming breathing down our necks, we need to be quick with our decisions.

Each one of us can make little contributions in saving the planet. Using renewable energy resources would benefit us and also the generations after us. The earth needs us to be smart with our choices. Switching to eco-friendly products is not that hard. Just a little conscious effort here and there is enough. We need to think of the planet as our home and stop taking it for granted. Swapping plastic bags with cloth bags and carrying a bottle of water from home would not require thousands of dollars. Nor should it be difficult to stop buying things with accessive packaging.

The planet is ours, so our choices need to be smart!


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