Virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers are ordinary telephone numbers with additional benefits. Like any other number, you can use it to communicate with customers and partners every day.


  • Quality of premium communication

    For 15 years, the quality and reliability of communication have been the hallmark of our company. A well-developed network of partners and channel reservation ensure constant uninterrupted dialing and receiving of calls around the world.

  • Multichannel

    Each virtual short number is multi-channel, which allows the client to get through the company from the first time.

  • Absence of geo-referencing

    The number is not linked to the location of the subscriber and the address of your organization.

  • All incoming calls are free of charge *

    Pay only for outgoing calls.

  • Single virtual number

    If you have a lot of employees or you need many numbers of different regions that you want to combine into a single managed network, then you need the possibilities of a Cloud PBX from Telfin .


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Written by Saeed Ahmed

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