The junipers of Balochistan!

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Junipers tree grow in the dry mountains of Balochistan. The juniper of Balochistan are very unusual. They grow very slowly, so they do not need much water. Some of them, growing near Ziarat, are moving than 3. 000 years old. The juniper forest of Pakistan are the largest in the world. The are the home of unusual birds and animals, not found anywhere else.

Unfortunately, we are not looking after these wonderful forest. Many of the trees are cut down the people living nearby, to be used and fuel factories use their wood for making pencils. The population is growing, so more and more people live near the juniper forest. They cut down more and  more wood for fuel. Also more and more cattle graze in the forests, eating up juniper leaves and seeds. So, the beautiful juniper forests have thinned. If we do not look after them they may even die.


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