Natural Resources And Their Exploitation

Man’s existence from eternity has been fueled by natural resources. However, man’s greed has overpowered his needs leading to a crisis of unimaginable proportions. Exploitation, overactivity and insensitive utilization, has caused a drastic depletion of resources making it extremely hard for nature to replenish.

What are Natural Resources

Natural resources are the naturally occurring elements of the environment. This is frequently known by the amount of biodiversity that exists in various ecosystems. After it’s stemmed from the environment for the purpose of commerce, it’s known as raw material. Several of such resources are our lifelines like solar radiation, water and air.

Classification of Natural Resources

Natural resources can be categorised into two sections; Biotic resources which are obtained from the biosphere. In this category, we have:

> Marine organism

> Forests

> Birds and their products

> Animals

The other section is called abiotic that includes:

> Air

> Water

> Land and elemental ores like gold, copper, silver, iron etc.

Over-Exploitation Of Natural Resources

There has been wasteful exploitation of natural resources in the recent past. This has been due to ignorance, carelessness but mostly due to greed. In order to get more profit with little labour or energy input, the waste to useful product ratio had been quite high.

What Over-exploitation of Natural Resources Is Causing On The Planet 

One of the main explanations behind the degradation of natural resources is human activities. Today, widespread burning of fossil-fuel and deforestation have been real reasons for this degradation. In addition, excessive hunting, the extension of settlements, the expansion of population and industrialization have degraded natural resources almost beyond repair. The harmful chemicals that companies release are ending up contaminating water bodies. This, therefore, causes the bodies of water to become contaminated and the water is not suitable for drinking or flooding the land.

In addition, greenhouse gases, for example, carbon (iv) oxide, are adding to the dynamic warming of the earth, a process called unnatural climate change. The warming is causing a negative impact on the environment and we can see an environmental change in each place. Horticultural activities are also wreaking havoc on the environment. Agriculture is causing soil degradation and degradation of groundwater due to excessive use of chemical compounds.

Environmental Sustainability

With more and more people addressing climate change and future environmental concerns, it has become crucial for people and also organizations to incorporate sustainability policies. Nobody can deny the significance of balanced environmental and social aspects. By embracing environmental sustainability, companies can maintain qualities highly valued in the physical environment. It can be of great help in creating a balance between the protection of natural systems and economic development.

In the last few years, the environment has become a key issue for countries all around the globe. Due to strict pollution targets, companies dealing in environmental solutions have witnessed the emergence of several new opportunities. In a larger perspective, environmental sustainability can be considered an effective base for sustainable development. Apart from profit-making, companies also need to take climate change, environmental impacts, and inputs into consideration for sustained growth. It is essential to encourage more companies to do good work and improving the quality of life for people all over the world. They need to follow the concept of meeting their present needs without compromising on the needs of the coming generations. This is possible only when companies integrate conservation with development.

The natural resources provided by the mother nature have been the source of raw materials for our industry, sources of energy we use every day, and every other benefit reaped from the nature to support our living. It has, therefore, become crucial to conserve natural resources to prevent the destruction of the ecosystem, which in turn could destroy life altogether. For more information, feel free to visit


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