Why a Separate Study Area for CME is So Important

One issue that faces everyone taking online classes is whether or not to have a designated area to perform the classwork, or to go the “mobile route,” which pretty much means doing classwork wherever and whenever it strikes you. Students who set aside an area to do their work, from watching lectures to completing assignments generally do better. Here is why you need to set aside a study and classwork area for your radiology CME online courses.


Choosing a “set-aside” place lets the student select a location that can afford them maximum and optimum studying environments. If, for example, you designate a room in your home to do your work, you can set that room up to minimize distractions and allow you to work uninterrupted. A student that is uninterrupted will tend to be a student who grasps the material better and one who excels more readily than one who has a study and work area that is busy and even chaotic.


Part of picking that site that gives you solitude is picking an area that allows you to concentrate. By having one place set aside for your coursework, you can minimize distractions and incorporate tools to help you focus and concentrate. Without a separate area, you are vulnerable to interruptions from roommates, your children, co-workers, etc. You are also open to being affected by distractions. The more you can minimize both, the better the chances you will absorb what you are learning and ace the course.


Have you ever had to stop what you are doing and focus on another task that maybe you did not exactly want to do? Remember how difficult it was to get motivated to do that task? The same principle applies to a set-aside study and coursework area. If you have a place that is only used for your coursework, you will eventually associate your coursework and class progress with that location. That will make it much easier to get motivated as soon as you enter that area.


Once you have associated that location with your coursework, you will develop an excitement every time you enter it to pursue your CME courses. Even if you are not particularly thrilled to have to do the work, the association you create with that area and the accomplishment that comes with having a set study area will begin to be a powerful motivator for you.

Each of these reasons builds upon each other and will help you ace your radiology CME online courses. For those reasons, you should set your study area aside today!


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