Types of Fire Safety Systems and its Distinct Advantages

At times a general fire extinguisher will not be sufficient. A fire can result in various forms and may need various techniques for preventing injury or minimizing damage. A fire extinguisher is a crucial part of a fire safety procedure. Having a fire protection system like an aerosol fire suppression system will offer you plentiful benefits. These come in different types and are designed for dealing with a fire emergency in ways untold.

Some Distinct Advantages 

Below are the different types of fire safety systems and their different benefits.

  • Fire Extinguisher- This is used for attacking a fire which is localized to a particular area. Fire extinguishers are available in various types which have been specially designed for attacking various types of fires. Today you have a fire extinguisher for rubbish fires, cooking fires and also grease.
  • Fire Blankets- This will prove helpful during a small fire outbreak and requires being smothered quickly. As fire heavily relies on oxygen present in the air, the fire blanket will be really effective. But during incorrect use of the blanket or if utilized on a big fire it can result in injuries or further damage. Hence training is a must to ensure the correct use of fire blankets.
  • Sprinkler Systems- Water is commonly used for extinguishing the fire because it will cool the fire and deprive the same of heat to grow. It can also help in smothering the fire and reduce the ability to consume oxygen. During a big fire outbreak, a sprinkler system will extinguish the fire quickly and also minimize injuries or damage. Though using it can be messy, but people use some towels and mops for cleaning up rather than handling the fire damage or dealing with smoke. To know more contact Bartec Fire Safety Systems Ltd, a highly recognized company in Vancouver BC Canada.
  • Gas Systems or Halon- These are extremely sophisticated systems and often are used in computer data centers for extinguishing electrical fires devoid of causing any damage to the computer equipment. These systems, however, are dangerous because quickly the chemicals will remove the oxygen present in the air. In fact, if animals or humans breathe this chemical or present in that room, the results can be dangerous. Here extreme caution should be used.

The bottom line is, you should examine the perks of every fire protection system. The best way to begin is by going for fire risk assessments for determining the types of fires that are likely to happen in your location. Based on this you can hire a trained expert who will guide you on the type of system which will best suit your facility. After determining the system to use, then comes the installation part and the guidance on the right utilization of the system and create an inspection process on a routine basis. In fact, the perks of using a good fire protection system will be worth the investment both for your location as well as the occupants. Do proper research and choose a good and reputable company to be on the safe side. Do not take prompt decisions.


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Written by Eric Reyes