Top 5 Part-Time Jobs for SuperBusy Students

Student life is amazing, but it doesn’t come without the fair share of intensity and hard work. A vast majority of undergraduates have to work in order to fund their scholarships and social activities or to kickstart career hopes early on in their lives.

According to the report, the number of working students is now standing at 59%. At the same time, the cost of undergraduate tuition surged 42% in the past 10 years to over $13thousand at public institutions, while it also rose 31% to $36thousand at private nonprofit institutions.

But what happens if you are a super busy person who spends most of the time studying? Are there any part-time jobs that can fit this kind of lifestyle? Fortunately, the answer is ‘Yes’. Keep reading to discover top five part-time jobs for highly diligent students.

1. Fitness Coach

We open the list with the job that is both profitable and healthy. What makes the fitness coach position so great for super busy undergraduates? First of all, it’s the hourly rate. According to Payscale, fitness instructors can earn $15 per hour.

Secondly, a gym is the perfect place to work if you want to get rid of the college-induced stress and take a quality break from studying. Needless to say, this is also the best long-term option for young people who want to take care of their body condition.

With so many advantages, the fitness instructor role definitely looks like the ideal position for students. In case you already have fitness certificates or practical experience with the likes of aerobics or yoga, waste no more time searching for another job.

2. Freelance Writer

As a student, you have probably developed a wide knowledge base and strong writing proficiency. This is exactly what a digital writer needs to find his/her place in the freelancing sun. With the average hourly rate of $24, this position is even more lucrative than the one we mentioned above.

The best thing about freelance writing is that you can find dozens of useful tools and platforms which can support you while improving your skills. Some of the best tools are:

  • ScholarAdvisor: This agency can help with all types of essays and school papers.
  • EduGeeksClub: It’s a team of experts who offer professional writingassistance.
  • Grammarly:This app proofreads textual content to find errors and suggestcorrections.
  • ProessayWriting:It’s another agency that provides high-quality academic writingassistance.
  • Hemingway: If you need a proofreading tool that also assesses content readability, try Hemingway.
  • EssayWritingLab: They take a scientific approach to writing and help with expert topics.
  • BrillAssignment: A team of academic authors who can help you write top-notch stuff.

The only thing that makes freelance writing difficult is the fact that it demands full mental focus and dedication, which sometimes can be a problem with all the other college-related work you need to do.

3. Bartender/Waiter

This job is one of the students’ all-time favorites. Bartenders and waiters work in a dynamic atmosphere, develop soft skills, and meet alot of people. All of these features make the job fun and exciting, especially for a young person. Although the hourly rate is not too high (around $8), tips can earn you much more if you leave a good impression on guests. The bartender/waiter role is perfect for friendly and talkative individuals, so feel free to give it a try if you are one of those student extroverts.

4. Babysitter

On the other side of the college job spectrum, you can find the babysitter position. Unlike waiting and bartending, babysitting is suitable for undergraduates who want to enjoy a warm familyenvironment and dedicate to one or two kids only. The starting hourly rate is not too high (about $10), but you can gradually earn more if you find regular clients who love your style of work.

5. IT-related Jobs

Do you have solid IT skills? Perhaps you are a creative web designer or talented app developer? In each case, you can take advantage of your expertise to work as a freelance IT support specialist, web developer, or graphic designer. All these roles can earn you up to$20 per hour, while you also get the opportunity to train and gain practical experience that can help you later on in your career.


Being a student is not easy if you must work while at college. This is particularly difficult for undergraduates who have to study a lot but also need to earn money to pay for scholarships or other costs of living.

In this post, we presented you top five part-time jobs for super busy students. While these positions require due diligence just like all others, they perfectly match the needs and lifestyle of highly active college attendees, so you might as well give them a try soon!


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Written by Joe McLean

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