Top 10 Failed Dating Tips

There is just an incredible number of advisors since the russian girls online dating became so popular, starting with your mother and grandmother, ending with the “guru” of love, who appropriated this title to themselves. Surprisingly, most people who are willing to believe any adviser and attend all the seminars of these “gurus” are actually very smart and developed. In everything that does not concern the sphere of romantic relations.

If you only knew how many men perverted their first date to the last  because they followed popular but not working advice… We do not want you to be one of them, so we debunked a few myths about how to behave on the first date.

The Main Thing is to go on a Date, the Rest Will Turn out by itself

If you go on a date and do not know what you’re going to do, the meeting will be a disaster. It’s stupid and will not lead to anything.

Meeting just to meet is not the goal. You must act clearly and thoughtfully. This does not mean that you need to make something like business plan with timings and other stuffing, it means that you need to know what you need this date for, how it should go ideally and what you will talk about. A man who sits with such a face as if he was with a village dweller without a school education who won tickets to the theater in a radio quiz and is now trying to understand who Chekhov is and why everyone is applauding will not cause anything other than contempt.

Tell Her About Yourself as Long as Possible

I very often meet this advice. You must present yourself as Steve Jobs presented the new creation of Apple. And let it be necessary to give a lecture for this, at the end of the day you will definitely have a profit. So, this is a very bad advice. You can give only 30% of the time from the whole conversation to a story about yourself. Leave the rest of the time for the girl – it is more important for them to talk about themselves. And if you behave like a narcissistic bore, she will begin to ask herself a question – are you always this or is it just because of excessive nervousness?

Do you think she will want to go on a second date with you?

Talk About Life the Way You Want

It seems that we know what you think about life. Life is a constant concern. Life is a difficulty. Life is a fight. Well, you have the right to your opinion. Sometimes it really is. But why would your potential girlfriend know about this?

Do not Hesitate to Talk About Your Past Experience

Most men for some reason perceive this advice as a “permissive” signal to action – you can talk about your past failures and about your ex-girlfriend. Believe me, this is a completely inappropriate topic on the first date. Even if your new girlfriend asks you to tell about the love story that has vanished into oblivion, tactfully refuse and change the subject of the conversation.

Show Your Intellect

It’s the first date. Be positive. The meeting should bring pleasure and joy to both of you. It is better to learn how to joke than to tell endless historical facts.

Your goal is to interest her. Talk  about the topics that resonate with her. And in which she happily takes part.

Be Brave – Touch her

Today you make an impression of yourself and of what you need from this girl. Based on your behavior, the young lady will decide whether to meet with you again. The desire to touch clearly demonstrates the desire to have sex. A girl can treat it very unambiguously.

Spend Money so That she Does not Think That you are Bragging About Them

If you show your greediness a little, it will spoil everything. So act like a generous guy. Even if she thinks it’s a little demonstrative, it’s better than if she thinks you’re greedy.

Talk About Plans for a Joint Future

Really? It’s just a FIRST date. What kind of joint future can we talk about? You should enjoy communicating with each other and want to see again. This is your only goal.

Show Your Emotions as Much as You Want

Yes! Laugh, cry, and then laugh again. At the end of the date you can be angry and make a fight – your potential girlfriend will be delighted.

Tell How Authoritative You are and how Many Connections You Have.

The girls want to give birth to children to boys who are ineptly portraying Don Corleone, did not you know?

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