These places of the world, are famous for the stairs

People are progressing in changing lifestyle, the more lazy it is. If you talk about the stairs, people start feeling tired after listening to their name and use facilities such as lift or escalator to climb a place. To overcome this exhaustion of people, you will see a lift in most places today, but still there are many places where you will have to climb several stairs to make the roam. The special thing is that the ride on these stairs is very exciting. People come from far away to make these fun stairs experience fun. Today, we will tell you about the same stairs, seeing the beauty of which all your fatigue will wipe out.

1. Chand Baawdi

Chand Baawi is located in the famous place of Jaipur, which was built in the 9th century by King Chand. The staircase is equally fun, as beautiful as seeing Yajab Baawdi. The width of this banyan is 35 meters and depth is 100 feet. A total of 3500 steps have been made in 13 floors here. Chand Baawadi is called the world’s largest and deepest child, which is very beautiful too.

2. Heaven’s Gate Mountain

It is the world’s tallest cave built on the Tiananmen Mountains of China. This cave is situated at a height of 5000 feet in the mountain, where 999 steps have to be reached to reach. This cave is surrounded by clouds due to the height of 5 thousand feet, where it feels like heaven altogether.

3. El Piyan de Guatap

Stairs made of 740 stones on the mountain in Colombian Melide are called El Piyan de Guatep, which seems to be a part of the mountain to see. These stairs were made to climb 7000 feet mountain. After reaching this mountain, all the fatigue disappears quickly.

4. Haiku Stairs Haiku

3922 staircases in the US Air are called the Jannat. Earlier this staircase was made of wood, but after some time the changes were brought. People come from far away to take a look at these stairs.

5. Moses Bridge

These stairs are made in the Netherlands, which are also quite famous. These are the names of the steeped stairs, on which there is water on both sides and these stairs are maintained in the middle. From a distance, it seems that people are walking in water.


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Written by Râjêsh Shârmâ