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The Secrets To Making Your Blog Posts Interesting

Blogging is majorly about keeping your readers interested every time. With sites such as WordPress and BlogIt, more and more people have turned into bloggers. As such, more and more sites come up and it’s even more difficult to rank on the top page of Google.

If you are blogging to draw in traffic to your website, your content needs to be appealing. The idea is to make readers want to see the next blog article you write because they find your work impressive. But, how do you achieve this? How do you make your blogs interesting?

  1.    Storytelling

Stories help you engage your readers more. Making your article a story will keep people anxious to read on. Such an article activates your reader’s brain, and they become more alert making them more curious. If your article is an intriguing story, the brain has a way of producing the happy chemical in funny sections of the article.

  1.    Choose the first person or second person

If you are telling a story, then, preferably use the first person language. Use ‘I’ so that readers can relate to you. Also, when referring to the reader, use the second person ‘you.’ This makes them feel you value their presence. It is a great way of connecting with the reader and grabbing their attention. For example, you can pick a topic such as, how to view your score when you want to apply for a loan.’ Such an angle is perfect as it keeps the reader on your site reducing the rate of bounce rate on your site.

  1.    Clarity

One of the most sentimental points to remember is clarity. Don’t try to be too interesting such that you forget the article’s objective. By this I mean, make your article conversational but, at the same time, avoid fluff. Let every sentence be meaningful. Using the right words in the right place helps you communicate better with the reader. Most often, readers want an article that they don’t have to spend so much time reading. Make the article have the right word count, not too short not too long. If you intend it to be 1,000 words, make it that, don’t try to prolong it as it may end up losing meaning.

  1.    Make use of images

Thankfully, there are numerous websites giving people access to free images. Sites such as pixabay and pexels are excellent platforms for such. You can also customize your own using Canva.  Find the right images that best fit your article. However, be keen not to overuse them. Use images that are relevant to your story.  

  1.    Transitioning

Transitioning is moving in a different direction than the previous paragraph. A more natural way to do so is by making use of numbered lists, subheadings and so on. Such an aspect is crucial to avoid losing your readers in between the article. Remember, the point is to keep them glued to it to the very end.

The above is just a few points to help you navigate through the world of blogging. Make use of them and see your subscriber list grow.


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