The Right People

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About two summers ago, I got a job at a vocational school in downtown.  I worked in their call center.  I had to make calls for people interested in attending that school.  Well, when the budget got cut, I got fired, since I was a new hire.  I was the best at making calls.  I signed up more people, and I had just started working there.  Still I was fired. (So did two other people.)

Then the boss didn’t pay me on time.  Just like magic, one of my classmates from Hoover, reached out to me on facebook.  We caught up.  She gave me some money to get by, while I waited to get paid.

Just like that, I got some much needed help at the right time.

On the day I was supposed to be paid, I couldn’t get to my appointment on time, to see my new therapist.  As luck would have it, when I rescheduled my appointment, I got a different therapist.  I got the one I have now.

She understands me.  I know the other one wouldn’t have understood me.  I would see her periodically at the clinic.  I really got the vibe that she was stern and critical.  She had this sour face on, all the time.  She was the one my other therapist wanted me to see, but you see, destiny got in the way, and Jill didn’t get her way.

I got the one I have now, and she is the best.  Things turned out well for me.  Of course, I will not go out of my way to thank that boss that didn’t pay me on time.  That was God’s doing, actually.  Not his.

He was a stingy old man, or what we say in Spanish:  Codo.  (This word also means elbow, so if you see people touch their elbows for no reason, that means a stingy person is in the room!!)

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Written by Maria Ayala

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