The Importance of a Gift

Gifts have been a cultural norm since the beginning of time. They can be used to express love and gratitude.

Gifts are exchanged by not just humans but by animals as well. In fact, science has proven that penguins use pebbles as gifts to woo their partners.

However, the problem with many of us is the fact that we look for excuses to exchange gifts when we don’t need one. Most people exchange gifts on occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, it’s not important to wait for an event to show someone that they mean to you.

Gifts can be given to anyone for any reason. If you’re not a believer in gift then check out some reasons why you should grow the habit of giving gifts:

Gifts Can Show Your Love

When you give someone a gift it makes them happy, feel loved and special. It makes the other person think you care about them and love them.

Consider Valentine’s Day. This is the day of lovers when they express love to one another often by means of sharing gifts. However, the concept of gifts is not only limited to lovers.

Take parents and friends as an example. You can show your love to your parents as well by giving them a nice gift. Again, you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for this to happen.

So don’t shy away from giving someone a gift as it can strengthen your relationship.


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Gifts to Appreciate Someone

A gift can be used to appreciate something someone did for you. It serves as a token of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Gifting can also significantly help improve your relationship as the other person may get a sense of belonging.

This trick is very commonly used in the corporate world where businesses gift their employees to appreciate their hard work and honesty. These small tokens of appreciation can do wonders as they help improve performance and also build loyalty among employees.

You have to understand that gifts don’t have to be expensive. They only have to be meaningful.

Gifts as Positive Reinforcement

Let’s face it we aren’t new to this. All of us have been through a point in life where we were given a gift after passing an exam or getting high grades.

Whether it was something as small as a candy or something as big as a gaming console, gifts have always acted as positive reinforcement.

They help motivate people to work harder and maintain their performance as subconsciously they know they’ll be rewarded if they perform well.

Gifts to Apologize

Words can’t always be enough to show how sorry we feel after we have committed a mistake. Moreover, many of us do not even have the courage to face the other person and apologize for our mistake.

This is when gifts can be of huge importance. Gifts can do the trick when one fails. However, you need the right gift to express you’re sorry.

Gifts to Thank Someone

Gifts can be used to thank someone for something they did for you. It shows them that you’re thankful. Moreover, this sense of appreciation will motivate the receiver to help you in the future as well, and hence form a good relationship.

This may sound like a barter or trade but in reality, it isn’t. It’s just a show of appreciation.

Gifts to Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are all about celebrations and happiness. While cake cutting is essentially the most important part of a birthday party, it’s not the only important part.

A very important part is gifting. The birthday boy or girl expects to be rewarded in the form of gifts on this special occasion. So make sure to not go empty-handed when you next attend a birthday party.

Gifts As a Memorabilia

There are times when someone close to us is either leaving for college or moving to a different city. Times like these can often be difficult as someone dear to you won’t be close to you anymore.

Gifts can be amazing in this scenario especially if you fear that they’ll forget about you. They can remind your partner or friend of you. A very nice option can be a name necklace, especially if it’s your partner.

He or she can wear the necklace at all hours and keep you close to their heart.

Gifts for New Homes

If you ever attend a housewarming party or visit someone who recently shifted to a new crib, make sure to never go empty-handed.

Pick a nice gift for the house. A good option can be a wall clock, a decoration piece, or even a painting. It should ideally be something that’ll suit their new home.

Gifts During Tough Times

Gifts don’t always have to be given at times of happiness. They can also be given to help a loved one to sail through tough times.

Gifts can be used to make people happy when they’re down. You may even help someone during tough financial conditions with a nice gift.


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