Principal speak from BSP Central School, Surgani

School Name: BSP Central School, Surgani District Chamba (HP)

Name:   Utpal Kumar, Chairman, VMC

What is unique about your school?

The school is located in the vicinity or rural area surrounded by dense forest. It is the only school following the CBSE pattern and imparting education upto plus 2 level in the Tehsil Salooni, in Distt, Chamba(HP). It is wholly owned and run by NHPC management. It has big infrastructure having  classrooms, playgrounds etc which provides the necessary teaching and laboratory facilities. In addition to routine academic activities, the students are also encouraged to participate in sports and cultural events. The present need of the hour is installing of CCTV cameras at the strategic and sensitive locations of the School which has been addressed recently. This major requirement has also long been met with.

What is an ideal school environment and how do you encourage it?

The school is a temple of education where deliverance of knowledge to the students should be above caste, creed, region and religion. To advocate and preach these principles an ideal rather congenial environment has been created. Thus teacher and taught relations fine sacred bonds. In Last 25 years, this alma matar has  prepared  a number  brilliant and excellent  engineers, doctors and scientists.

What strategies have been adopted to ensure students and parents are engaged with the school?

One of the prime responsibilities of a school is to apprise the parents about the overall performance of their wards in the school. To achieve this objective, the school adopts different methods like parent-teacher meet, and annual function, prize distribution function etc. where the parents are specifically invited to witness the ongoing activities of the school. This action on the part of the School help create an element of belonging among students, parents and teachers.

The personal safety of staff and students is crucial. What steps have you taken to ensure the same?

For security and safety of staff and students at the campus, the school has taken such steps as strict checking of visitors at the entry point, to note down the particulars of visitors in the prescribed register alongside the purpose of visit. As earlier stated CCTV cameras have been installed at the appropriate places to monitor the on-going activities of the school. Besides a senior lady teacher has been assigned the duty in this regard in addition to her own teaching assignment.

How do you see the teacher’s role in the learning processes?

For the taught, the teacher is a role model. What he does is followed by his learners during their learning process. In fact he is a leader whose teachings are taken for granted as sermons by his pupils. Therefore, he has a great role to play not only in building the society but also the nation as a whole.

Given the competitive environment how do you help the children to deal with pressure?

At present the children are placed in a very precarious situation as what to do the given competitive environment. The situation as is before us can be tackled by way of organizing short term seminars, workshops etc. in collaboration or coordination with the Deptt. Of Education to ease this pressure. However, to me it seems a case more concerning proper guidance by subject-experts.


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