Never Ending Story

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4:56 pm Sunday, 01/21/18

Heaven sent, devil dessert is what I had last Sunday.

I saw you 8 days ago today.

I know it was you.

I smelled your scent, salt and water, mixed with your sweat.

It was warm that day.

It couldn’t have been your cologne, no,

It was in fact your hair gel.

I could see the top of your head.

Your coat was huge, so big, but I could still see

The top of your big, tall head.

I didn’t even know you were there at first.

I couldn’t hear a sound. I was listening to the radio

On my android.

Maybe it was on too loud, but I don’t even

Recall seeing your car, as you pulled over to park.

I didn’t even know you were there,

Standing right next to me, to my left to be precise.

Heaven sent devil dessert is what I had

Last Sunday night.

I don’t know for how long you must

Have been standing there.

But in that get up you were in,

You must have been boiling within.

Your pants were huge, and baggy.

And your coat had a ring of fur on the hoodie.

Your shoes were the most ridiculous

Torture devices I have ever seen.

(Especially for a man.)

You towered over me, so high, so big,

And tall you are, that the vision of you

I know was out of this world.

Out of my world for sure.

You have ventured far from home  my clever fox.

You have ventured far from your canyon,

You clever thing.

But I guess this mess could only mean one thing.

I sensed a presence.

That’s why I turned around.

You see, I had my back toward you, that whole time.

I’m sure you were close enough to reach out to me.

Only a few inches separated us.

And here I sit, in the same spot,

Thinking back on when I sensed your presence,

And when I suddenly realized it was you.


You simply turned.

You didn’t say a word, and slowly, you made your way back towards your

Parked car.

Your walk, took forever.

And your clever steps dissolved,

As you struggled to hide in your car.

But it was too latae.

I got a good look at you.

You were slightly slouched over,

But you couldn’t hide the fact that I saw you,

And you knew you had to drive back.

And you let, a little before 6pm.

You waited for your friend to open the driver door.


You left the keys in the ignition.

The door finally opened, seemingly, on its own.

As if by magic, and you got in, and as quickly as you could,

You drove down, and that was that, you were gone.

I couldn’t have known you were there.

You must have noticed how I was sitting,

Facing the traffic, with my back

Towards the garage.

I was coughing still, after being sick,

And blowing my nose

Still, and throwing the tissue papers next to me,

On my left, in the cement trash container.


I would just extend my arm,

I wouldn’t even look.

I missed once.

You must have thought that was funny.


I missed my target, but perhaps,

You didn’t miss your target.


A man who knows how to aim.

How rare.  How rare indeed.

You are a very rare one, to have noticed me.

I suppose your bite is rare too.

I wouldn’t know.

That’s how good I am.


I don’t know how you knew where to find me.

But you did.

10 months ago, you found me,

In my church.

And now you came close, and you got even closer still.

I sensed your presence.


And here I sit, in the cold, remembering your

Surfer dude hair.

You’re not afraid to come as you are.

I wasn’t afraid to sit there, because I had no idea that

God would serve me up

A heaven sent devil dessert.

I had no idea that you would drive down,

and look for me.

I had no idea that maybe I would need to

Employ some sympathy for this surfer dude,

Dressed as a pimp; this gorgeous, sweaty,

Man who towered over me.


The waves of shock that came over me,

As you turned around away from me, and

My nose caught the scent of your salt, and sweat

As I realized it was you.


I was surfing on the waves of serendipity,

As I realized our paths

Were crossing once more; as

I realized that fate had this all planned out,

Working behind the scenes,

Unbeknownst to me, as I realized you

Were chasing me, once more, that

I was this forest you wished explore,

Far away from home, far away from the

Fish that keeps slipping away

From you, day after day.


Your friend will keep your secrets,

Because she knows.

But I, I’m radio active.

The palm trees know it.

And still I can imagine riding your dragon in our own

Never ending story.



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Written by Maria Ayala

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