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My good friends I wish you could give me some advice about what I should do about my situation. I’m being torn apart like on one hand I got my youngest daughter which we have a disagreement and she wants my oldest daughter and her son and her boyfriend out within 4 days in the winter time and I told her my youngest daughter that I don’t want them to leave and we had to ask such a big fight and no she says that either my oldest daughter leaves with her son and her boyfriend or she (my youngest daughter) will take her dog and cat away from me and I will never be able to see them ever again (They’re her cat and dog but I use them as my service animals) I’ve been crying so hard about the situation I’m in. On one hand I live with my youngest daughter and she is kicking my oldest daughter and her baby In the winter time. So I stood up to her and I told her no they’re not leaving and so therefore my youngest daughter has told me that even though me and my youngest daughter is on the lease I have no say what goes on in this house cuz she says “THIS IS HER HOUSE AND I HAVE SAY IN ANYTHING” and then she’s told me that if my oldest daughter and her son stays here then she WILL NOT resign the lease with me and she said that “if I try to take her dog and her cat away from her that she would murder me or beat the hell out of me”.  So, I don’t know what to do please help me. Thank you and God bless you all.

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