How to choose a flash drive for a camera, phone, computer

                          What you should know about flash drives

In this article, we will examine in detail what is a flash drive and how to choose it. First of all, the flash drive is a standard drive that works by NAND memory. What to choose a flash drive? The market is full of different flash drives, but the price and amount of memory are no longer the decisive moments in the choice of a carrier. The average price of all drives from different companies is about the same, of course, depending on performance and memory size, the price varies.

But how to choose a flash drive, if the market provides such a huge selection? It is not necessary to try to choose a device from a certain manufacturer, because they are all at about the same level.

Many are prone to choosing a flash drive from a certain manufacturer, but it is worth saying that a flash drive is a rather fragile medium, so regardless of the brand, sooner or later it will break. Often people stumble upon marriage because the chipsets were not of sufficient quality, but when you buy a flash-drive in a good store from a reputable manufacturer, you will be given a new USB flash drive under warranty.

 Specialists who have tried many of these devices from different manufacturers openly say that each drive is defective, or sooner or later it starts to fail, so everything here depends on luck. When choosing a usb flash drive, you do not need to chase a high price, since in most cases they are very fragile, and if it breaks, and the warranty period passes, you will have to buy a new one.

                                       How to choose a  flash drive for computer

  • Thinking about how to choose a drive for a computer, you should immediately think about the design of the carrier. Now manufacturers have realized that they are producing devices with the same chipset and the same power, so the market is full of carriers with different designs, for example, a USB flash drive in the form of a rubber wristband or a soccer ball with internal illumination.
  • Now the relevance of the storage device has increased due to the appearance, and the materials are very different, for example, metal, wood, plastic, rubber, silicone, glass and many others. But here you should look at the conditions in which the flash drive will be used, and whether you like the design. If you constantly drop the flash drive on the floor, it is better to take silicone or rubber, and especially accurate people can even take a glass model and not be afraid of anything. The cost of a USB-drive from different materials is not much different, so you can buy several flash drives with different designs at once to have driven for all occasions.
  • If we talk about memory and cost differences, it is worth saying that the difference in price between a flash drive of 1 gigabyte and 2 gigabytes is not significant at the moment. But you must know in advance what you need a drive for. If you want to download checklists at the institute in the training part, you will have enough of a 256-megabyte drive, but if you have slow internet and you want to download games from friends, or even movies in very good quality, you need to take a flash drive from 4 to 8 gigabytes.
  • To increase the comfort of using USB-drive, take a look at the speed of its work. Almost all drives write at a speed of about 10 megabytes per second and read information faster one and a half times. The name of the device can have different entries, for example, ultrafast or hi-speed, which indicates an increased speed of data exchange. If you still decide to buy an expensive model of the device from the best manufacturer, then you should look at flash drives from Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung and Transcend. More budget options: PQI, Lexar and Pretec. In quality, they are not inferior to the best manufacturers and demonstrate the same work.

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