Drops of Mars

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8:04 am, Sunday 03/04/18

I remember you.  You were walking south on 4th Ave.

I was out with my best friend at City Wok.

We were both sitting outside.

I was facing you, facing Mission  Hills, when I saw you.

You were tall, so tall.  Thin, so thin, with jet black hair.

Pale skin.  Your hair was so curly.  So curly.

And your eyes, black and deep, intensely

Focused on something in your soul.

Big, almond shaped eyes.

I remember.  I couldn’t look away.

You distracted me from the hot and sour soup.

You distracted me from the garlic chicken.

You distracted me from the walnut shrimp, and

Whatever my friend was saying.

And you walked by, walking, and for that moment,

I delved deep in your eyes.

You were wearing eyeliner.  You must have been 21.


You had a tunic on, over some baggy, silky, wide pants.

You were dressed like a priest, or The Cure.

Your eyes hypnotized me.  I could not look away.

You distracted me from my identity.

Never had a mere man possessed my

Desire the way you did.

I couldn’t pull away.

I never felt so much desire, until I saw you,

On that day, 18 years ago, in May.


And 15 years later, I see you again.

But I’m sure you don’t remember me.

You looked focused, concentrating.

I was sure you were visiting from San Francisco.

Perhaps you still had drops of Mars on your face.

I had never seen a man quite like you.

I had never been interested.

Perhaps your way of being a man was better

Than everyone else had showed me.

Better for me.

You were in the right part of town for drops of Mars.

And as I sat there with my best friend,

Eating hot and sour soup with crispy won tons,

Garlic chicken, and walnut shrimp,

You showed up, and

Rocked my pinata, but perhaps you’ll never know…..

You walk this world your own way, and as

I sat there all I had to do was wait for

Fate to catch up to us.


No drops of Jupiter for me anymore.

And I meet  you, 15 years later,

While you were vacationing in Los Angeles.

8:15 am


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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