Complete Review on What is the Best Beach Tent to Use

Heading to the beach is the ultimate goal for any sun worshipper. But this adventure can turn into a nightmare for first-timers. Planning your seaside vacation is very crucial and should be carefully carried out. This will determine whether you have fun or misadventures in your picnic. Beach picnics are very unpredictable. You may easily misplace your car key or get your skin damaged. To prevent this from happening, a sun shelter will come in handy.

The best beach gear that you can bring along is a beach tent. This will ensure that your time on the beach is well spent no matter the intensity of the sun. This tent will protect you from dangerous UV rays from the sun. It will also promote a beautiful tan that you’ve always desired.

Picking the best beach tent might not be the easiest task. This is due to the availability of various designs and brands in the market. Here are the best beach tents to use on your next seaside picnic.

Pacific Breeze Deluxe Beach Tent

This is a lightweight beach shelter, thus easy to carry around. Its unique design makes it very easy to assemble into a beach shelter in minutes. Armed with strong, durable and weatherproof fabric, this tent is perfect for all beach seasons. Its strong fiberglass frame ensures that it isn’t swayed by the winds once you set it up. As it comes with a waterproof mat, it will be perfect in wet sand. This tent has internal pockets designed for safe storage of your items. It can comfortably accommodate three people and also provides UPF 50+ sun protection. This is especially critical for people with delicate skin.

Alvantor 50+ UPF Beach Tent

This is a popular beach tent due to its easy setup mechanism. You just throw it in the air, and it unfolds on the spot. It also dismantles easily, thus can be set up and dismantled by one person. The tent canopy is manufactured from durable water-resistant fabric. Its 50+ UPF UV fabric also protects your delicate skin from the sun. Side windows made of breathable mesh allow air circulation, thus the tent is always cool. This tent that can comfortably fit two is very sturdy even in strong winds. This is due to sand pockets, sandbags and 4 pegs that hold the tent in position.

Arcshell Premium Pop Up Beach Tent

This is one of the few tents that you can fit chairs inside. If you are looking for a beach tent to fit four people, this is the best option. The tent stays cool, thanks to three large windows. These windows come with flaps that can be closed, thus improved privacy. Setting up this tent will take you less than a minute. It will also withstand winds of up to 25 Mph. This is made possible by sandbags and pouches available. In strong winds, six stakes will anchor the tent making it sturdy. This spacious tent is impressively versatile thus it will prove useful in your seaside adventures.

Easthills Easy Up Tent

Easthills Easy Up beach tent is great for a beach picnic. This spacious shelter will easily fit in two beach chairs, a couple of beach bags and a small cooler for your drinks. Its large interior pockets will also ensure that your valuables are safely protected from the sun and from loss. The tent’s windows can be rolled up thus comfortably cool even on a very hot day. Featuring UPF 50+ sunray protection, this tent will guarantee zero skin damage. Rolling the windows down and zipping the extended front porch will provide total privacy in the tent. This guarantees the safety of your items when away from the tent and privacy as you change your outfit. This big boy’s tent comes with 10 plastic stakes that anchor it to the ground.

Coleman Weatherproof DayTripper Beach Shelter

The Day-Tripper is the only tent with a front awning in this list. This awning provides extra shade to the tent. Featuring two zip doors, this tent will offer complete privacy. Both doors can be left open or one zipped increasing the wall space. This tent has interior mesh pockets ideal for storing your sun shades, keys, and mobile phones. Delving on sandbag anchorage, this beach tent is very stable once you set it up. A waterproof floor mat ensures that it can be set up even on wet sand. This tent has a drying line, therefore, you can hang your wet swimsuits and towels to dry.

The beach shelters above are the best when it comes to sun protection, setting up and mobility. Selecting one for your vacation will ensure fun and safety. These beach tents will be easy to carry, set up and remove. Depending on your requirements, these will not disappoint.


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