Compare Price List: Before Buying RO Water Purifier

This article explains the importance of comparing the price list of different RO water purifier models before buying. It also sheds light on how important the other features are besides the price factor. 

While people are unanimous on the fact that water purifiers are becoming mandatory from being an optional appliance so far, they are divided when it comes to which purifier to buy. The water purifiers price list varies a lot depending on a lot of factors. This includes going for a branded or a non-branded product, going for basic features or buying the one with the latest and advanced technology etc.

When purchasing one, the buyer needs to compare water purifier on various parameters. These include various features, whether the technology used is right for the quality of water reaching your place, the storage capacity, the running and maintenance cost and obviously the water purifiers price list.

These days, most people prefer opting for a purifier that can take care of all types of contaminants – be it physical, biological or chemical. This is RO purifier and in this category of purifier too, there is a wide range of models available. Depending upon the specifications and features, the RO water purifier price also varies a lot. The latest models have RO+UV+UF+TDS controller in it. This is the costliest model, but then you don’t need to worry about any kind of contaminants. Besides getting rid of all contaminants, it also ensures that the essential mineral salts are retained in water.The water from this kind of purifier is not flat but tastes good because of the retained salts.

What Does the Price of Water Purifier Depend On?

The price of any water purifier is dependent on a number of factors. When you compare water purifier for the price factor,  it is not only the features and technology that you should look for. You should also see the running cost, which includes power consumption, the cost of replacement of filters and AMC. The product should also be covered under good warranty period so that if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Stay Away from Cheap, Low-Quality Purifiers

When going through the water purifier price list, one often gets biased towards the economically priced products even if they are non-branded. This can prove to be a costly mistake in future even impacting the health of the people who consume water from that purifier. This is because they make use of inferior and sub-par components in their products to bring down the cost.

The branded products are reliable and safe. They are rigorously tested by certifying agencies like WQA (Water Quality Association). Only if they pass in all the tests, they get a certification. The acclaimed institutions that provide certification test them on various parameters like the quality of material used, their robustness and reliability on normal usage, the lifespan of filters etc. All that a particular product claims of is first tested and then only certified. But, this is only true of the branded products. The non-branded ones do not carry any genuine or reliable certification.

Thus, when you compare water purifiers, keep all these things in mind. Do not just go with any product that costs less than the others.


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