A young lady wins the North Carolina lottery based on a hunch

Talk about listening to the advice of your mother. Shelby Tripp who normally does not play the North Carolina State Lottery took the advice of her mother who won $500 dollars on Halloween which may have been via the scratch lottery route.

Shelby’s mother advised her to play a lottery ticket since she had a hunch that good luck was rubbing off on her daughter.

Shelby decided to take the advice of her mother and she bought a ticket for the $150 Million Dollar Cash Explosion when she went a service station in Greenville North Carolina.

It is not known if Shelby played her lucky numbers or had the computer pick the lottery tickets which is called quick pick in which the odds of winning the grand prize would be tougher than playing the lucky numbers route.

When Shelby found out that her lottery ticket won the grand prize of $4 million dollar cash prize, she asked her mother to check the lottery tickets to see If they were the winners of the grand prize of the lottery.

When Shelby’s mother told her daughter the good news, Shelby was overcome with joy since she could not believe that she would be a millionaire.

After Shelby had the option of accepting the prize of $4 million dollar prize of $2.4 million dollar lump sum and after she paid the state and federal income taxes that left her with $1.7 million dollars.

Shelby’s other option was the accept the $4 million dollars via payments of $200,000 annually for 20 years which she rejected.

Shelby told the North Carolina Education Lottery officials that with her winnings, she will use the money to pay off the debts of the home of her mom.

Then Shelby will allow her mother to redecorate their home the way that her mother wants it to her liking. It is nice to see a young lady follow the advice of her mom to play a lottery ticket that will change their lives for the better.


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