6 Writing and Editing Services to Refine Your Travel Blog

You’re already acquainted with the most effective marketing techniques and know how to attract more visitors to your travel blog. But how to make sure that these visitors will keep reading your posts? The answer is in your content. The value of your blog comes from its content. Even the best marketing techniques cannot replace valuable content.

You’re already aware of the fact that the travel blog niche is highly competitive. You’re competing against big players like Wikitravel and Lonely Planet. And these popular travel guides are taking a lion’s share of the traffic. So, what can your small blog do to stand out? Well, you can create captivating, unique content that attracts visitors.

It’s all about coming up with creative ideas and sharing your passion for traveling through words. But for your content to be breathtaking, you have no room for mistakes. Beware of spelling mistakes as they’re well-known for driving away potential readers. To have the optimal result, you should ensure that your content is always polished.

Writing a popular blog is challenging, and it’s no wonder that 59 percent of bloggers reported that they have started a blog and abandoned it. That’s why you need to use all possible methods to improve your chances of engaging readers. One of those methods is to use writing and editing services that can take your travel blog to the next level.

Here is a list of writing and editing services that help you create captivating content for your travel blog:

Writing and editing services


  • Handmade Writing


A custom essay writing service that offers a wide variety of writing and editing services, from essays and theses to research papers and business texts. Their service promises to deliver texts that are smooth, clear, and engaging. Their writing and editing services are always customized to each customer’s needs.

To use their services, you just have to fill in the details of your writing or editing assignment on their website. Next, they will assign a writer or editor for your assignment to deliver the final product to you. When you check the finished work, you have the option to ask for revisions if some requirements are not satisfied.


  • Writing Guru


A custom paper writing service that allows customers to interact personally with their writers. This is a useful feature if you want to make sure that your writer has fully understood your guidelines. You can check the writers’ profiles and their areas of expertise and consult them about the topic before placing an order.

The direct contact with writers makes Writing Guru a valid choice for content production, regardless of your topic. Travel blogs are a small niche with its specific requirements. But you can take a look at their gurus and find those specialized in your requested field. They also offer free revisions in case you wouldn’t be satisfied with the final product delivered to you.


  • WriteMyEssayToday


An academic writing service targeted mainly for students. They offer content for any academic level and subject field. But they don’t cater their services to students only but also business people through their business writing service.

Maybe you’re thinking right now: “Can you write my essay for me?” In that case, you should take a look at their website and check if they can meet your specific requirements. You just have to fill in an order form on their website and provide your instructions. Next, you will choose an expert and discuss the writing project, whether it’s a blog post for your travel blog or a  newsletter for your email subscribers. After you have come to an agreement, the writer will produce the content for you and you can download the final product on their website.

Editing services


  • Hemingway App


An online editor that scans your text and offers suggestions for how to make it easier to read. The application can also identify parts of your text that could be expressed in a more succinct way. Given the strong demand for brevity these days, this is a useful feature to have.

The application detects passive voice and other difficult structures in your text that can hinder its readability. After the analysis, you will get a readability score


  • Readable


A readability application that provides a range of text analysis services. These cover the basic copy and paste text analysis, URL analysis, website scanning, and email scoring services.

After the analysis of your text, the application gives you a readability score, keyword density analysis, and other useful statistics. This is helpful feedback when your goal is to make your text smooth and easier to read.


  • Slick Write


A web-based editing tool that discovers mistakes in punctuation, structure, grammar, spelling, and style. It has a user-friendly interface, and the application doesn’t require downloading or installing any software. Its simple layout has only the most necessary functions: writing, editing, thesaurus, analytics, and settings. You have the option to customize the settings for things you wish to leave intact.

Apart from your content, keep in mind that articles with images get 94 percent more total views. Images are thus a useful supplementary method to enhance your blog.

Therefore, you should always start with the topic and focus on your content before anything else. When your content is polished, whether it was done by yourself or a professional writer from one of those services, you can start to consider additional elements such as images, videos, and other graphics.

77 percent of Internet users read blogs. This means that there is still demand for blog articles. But try not to be one of those travel blogs that only recycle the same clichéd content about the same topics. Instead, try to attract traffic to your blog by creating something unique. Try these tools and services and stand out from your competitors.


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Written by Virily Editor