6 ways to get readers onto your blog through Instagram

To get the maximum number of people on your blog, spread your blog as much as you can. In this regard, the Instagram marketing plays a very vital role and will get you popular worldwide. The promotion of your blog on Instagram is an outstanding method to increase the visibility of your brand. Here the most important question many people are wondering is how you can buy Instagram likes 2019. In order to receive many likes and gain new followers on Instagram the perfect guide to Instagram marketing is given below. If you will follow a great social media strategy then you can easily find millions of followers on your blog easily.

Add a great bio

Your Instagram bio should be short but informative and complete. It should be capable of presenting the users what your business is all about and what your users will get through your business i.e. your business objective. Keep your bio attractive and add some value to your profile. Along with that remember to add a call- to- action and a link that directs to your website/blog.

Post quality and unique content

The two major things to keep in mind while sharing your post and images on your Instagram are – quality and relevance. If you are promoting your blog through Instagram then it is necessary for you to share the images related to your niche. Make sure to put high-quality content and well-edited images to put on your Instagram.

Your content should be something which your users instantly click. To know more about your customers you can personally check some of their profiles and get to know about their interest and choices. It will help you to find the right audience for your business and keep them engaging through your posts. Moreover, you can get many likes and follows on that Instagram post which is related to the interest of your users.

Stories and videos are another efficient source of content to be used in instagram. It has been noticed that people tend to show more interest in stories and these appear on ten top of the instagram page. Through stories you can show your users the real videos of your products and also the customers who have used your products and find them good.

Screen capture your latest blog posts

The best way to share your latest post with your customers is to screen capture your latest post. Moreover, you can also edit that post to make it more appealing and engaging through filters and colors. You can ask someone to take your picture while you are preparing for the post. You can add behind the scenes post in your profile to create a more personal impact. In addition to this, you can make use of some catchy captions and popular hashtags to reach a wider audience.

Follow other bloggers and engage with their content

Another most significant way to capture the attention of your followers to your blogs is to like and follow some other similar oriented business accounts. You can search for their names and some specific tags in order to like and follow their posts. Through following other bloggers you can build up a good community where like people can share their thoughts and feelings. In this way, they will be able to know more about your business and to connect with you.

Include some quality hashtags in your Instagram posts

Hashtags can always help you to make your brand reachable and recognizable among millions of users. When you made a comparative analysis of a post with hashtags or a post without hashtags you will be likely to notice that the post with specific hashtags gets more engagement and likes. Try not to put excessive hashtags in your post as it leaves a negative impact but put right and relevant hashtags.  Whenever someone searches for that hashtags they will be able to find your posts.

Run ads

The above-described methods are only free methods. But you can also make use of some paid ads to run your Instagram marketing in a more leading manner. When you run ads to promote your blog you will make a way for thousands of followers and millions of likes. You can market your posts, images, stories or contests. However, for paid ads, you need to invest some good amount of money and in addition to this; you have to offer something unique and great to your users.


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