Upcoming years are bringing in importance for your vocal rather than typing instead. Why I am saying this? Let me explain, recently one survey of Google identify the big evolution towards the world. In which, 20% of the mobile user has been started using Google voice feature for searching their result in Google. For Example Nearest means saloon near me, what is the definition of Branding? And many more question which used to search local services, shop, and place.

Now Google already introduced the app which name is Google Assistance. Basically, Google assistance is based on Google voice search algorithm, except this, there are lots of gadgets are present in the market like as Alexa, Syria etc. As an SEO manager, your goal is to bring your website content on top of any specific search terms. So the traffic moves on your website and starts to earn sales. So increasing the user’s of voice search kill the market of typing searches which directly proportional to the SEO job. I think you should have started thinking about seriously. By the end of 2019 and 2020, there will be a chance of introducing many gadgets which are likes Google Assistance. And people don’t like to waste their time typing and searching for anything due to the small screen of a mobile or small device.

In the future, search engine optimization will be completely based on Voice search. If SEO experts are doing their SEO work for live projects, then this blog for you, please read this carefully. Because, in future Internet users will not waste their time for typing anything for any search queries type; dentist near me, petrol pump near me, mobile repairing shop near me etc. In future they people will not interest in type they will directly ask their question to Google Voice and in reply, Google will speak the answer to their question with relevant results.

Now the question will come for SEO Company or professionals, what they are planning to work in way of Voice searches. Are they really ready for it? I will tell you here four theories as solutions.

  1. Your website has to be mobile friendly. You have to ensure that your mobile should be very-very fluid and smooth selling just like a cake walk on their, own prospect of a mobile phone.
  2. Target Keywords will be conversational just like we are talking to each other about any services or products for purchasing and finding on Google.
  3. Ensure that, you are reacting like a local business or website for your users.
  4. Those keywords you would be elected for targeting which is based on the FAQ. The reason is, future web audience will ask you questions for searching anything. So be ready for it and implement those target keywords in your website properly and optimized them very well.

These four points help you to conquer you in the better SEO world, which do I personally think. So, be ready to fight with Voice search algorithm and start preparing for this.


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Written by Sonal Bisht

Years Of MembershipContent Author

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