3 Ways to Protect Your Invention

You finally realized your million-dollar idea, and you’re ready to start manufacturing. You have decided to hire a team to help you create a business plan to get some great investors. You know that your invention is going to change the world, but you also know that there are a lot of predators out there who can steal your idea (legally), and make the millions that you’re supposed to be making.

If you have a great idea for an invention, but aren’t sure how to keep it safe, check out these three ways to protect yourself and your product.

1. Patents

Filing for patents can be a very intense process, but it is worth it. In the long run, having patents on your ideas and inventions is essential to making sure that you, your business, and your product is protected under law. If you aren’t sure exactly how to patent an item, make sure you contact a firm that specializes in patent law in NYC. This will help you get everything in order to ensure that your invention is safe.

2. Trust Your People

When it comes to hiring employees, make sure that you hire people that you can trust.  While you may think it’s helpful to hire friends and family, it’s important to note that even those closest to you can change when money is involved. This can be devastating to your business in the future (especially when you start making money). When you do start hiring, make sure you run background checks and heavily vet your prospective employees.

3. Non-Disclosures

No matter who you hire, make sure you have them sign non-disclosure agreements. This will help you protect your business from corporate espionage. Even if you’re hiring your spouse, non-disclosure agreements are essential to the safety of your invention and your business. You may think that there are people you can trust, but the phrase “everybody has a price” wasn’t just made up by a screenwriter. It’s true, and you need to make sure that your products and your inventions are safe.

You have the best idea for an invention. Be sure to contact a firm that specializes in patent law in NYC. When you hire, hire people you can trust, and be sure to make them sign non-disclosure forms.


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