2019 Checklist for College Hopefuls

Going through college admission is not an easy process, especially if there is no one experienced around to walk you through the whole thing. There is a lot to do during the admission process for students starting from filling an application and finishing with writing an essay and obtain a recommendation letter. Hence it is important to fill the to-do list. Here is the 2019 checklist for college hopefuls.

  1. Fill out the application form

There are some colleges that have their own application forms which you have to fill individually. Otherwise, there is a common application form which allows you add some standard information and send it out to multiple schools. There are certain details which every application form may require. Firstly, personal information including your name, email address, phone number, test scores, etc. Secondly, there are extracurricular activities which you should clearly specify if you have done a part-time job or more.

You can specify the honours received along your school years. The application fees should be officially submitted. In case, you find it too high then you can discuss this with the counsellor or the other college financial aid officer and waive it or avail the scholarship program.

  1. Write the Admission Essay

Most of the colleges ask for an essay submission. Sometimes they provide the topic or you have the option to choose one of your own. Before you brainstorm the essay ideas, it is important to know what you are trying to accomplish from this essay writing. The purpose of brainstorming the ideas is to understand where you’re going with the topic. Choose the story rightly by narrowing down your thoughts. The supporting details should demonstrate the abilities, achievements and beliefs. Try to make your essay personal, admission officers love that.

Making an outline is crucial to shape the ideas into introduction, body and conclusion. Following this will make your essay more effective. Strategize and try to identify the tone of your essay. Finally, write it. Start with the main idea and write the supporting paragraphs from beginning to end. To get the aid in writing you can order admission essay help and stay worried free during the admission process.

  1. Gather Supplemental Materials

It is vital to gather the supplemental materials including a portfolio of personal work or submitting a video or image samples of your original work. Without carrying the supplemental materials you can lower the chances of admission. But before submitting the supplemental materials, check a college site and make sure it requires them or not.

The supplement materials are reviewed by the faculty members. Colleges that accept supplemental materials will mention the guidelines on their websites as of how many art pieces are required in the portfolio or file format to submit them. It is advisable to consult acounsellor before hitting the ‘send’ button. They will help you to strategize your strengths to target the right colleges.

  1. Interview for Admissions

This is an important step for college hopefuls. There are large numbers of candidates who face the interview but you should stand out and leave the good impression for selection in the college admissions. When the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself then try to respond with some memorable sentences. You can tell about your future ambitions, qualities or skills you possess, etc.

Read your personal statement or application where you have mentioned about your hobby or achievements. You should read the course instructions and ask the interviewer questions related to the brochure. This will help them to know that you’re curious about the course and interested in learning more. Make sure the tone of your answers sounds natural rather than rehearsed.

  1. Receive Your Acceptance Letter

When you start getting the acceptance offers from colleges then it’s the time to decide the college you want to choose. After deciding, it is vital to inform your college that you’re interested in taking admissions. The college will surely send all the information and paperwork you need to fill including the forms, signing up the meals plan for the college, etc.

The Bottom Line

The 2019 checklist mentioned above will help you to follow the essential steps required to take admissions without missing the application deadlines. By following this checklist you will get plenty of time to apply to the right college.

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