10 Reasons Brands Should use Social Media Marketing

If social media is still not part of your marketing strategy, then you are losing out on potential customers. There are currently 3 billion people using social networks to connect and engage with brands. In addition, Sherpa Marketing reveals that people follow brands more on social media than celebrities. On Instagram alone, 8 out of 10 people follow at least one business. Not yet convinced by these numbers? Here are 10 reasons you should put your brand on social media channels.

For brand building

1. Boost brand awareness

Social media provides you with a platform for improving brand awareness. If you think that people connect with brands they already know of in social media, think again. 60 percent of Instagram users say that they found new products on the platform. Just think of the gains that Absolute Vodka got when they promoted their limited edition Spark bottle on the platform. They achieved a five-point increase in brand awareness.

2. Add a human touch to your brand

According to a UK study conducted by Trinity Mirror Solutions, only when they see a “real-world proof” that brands keep their promises will they trust a brand. Engagement with customers is likely if they can see the human side of your brand. The ability to generate real-world connections is one of the reasons you should utilize social media. Show current and potential customers how they will benefit from your products.

3. Establish your brand as a thought leader

Regardless of the industry, your business operates in, social media can give you the opportunity to establish your brand as a thought leader as an authority in your niche. When people see you as an authority and thought leader, they will trust you more than other brands. According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, 63 percent of people trust technical experts in contrast to 42 percent of people who trust businesses.

4. Stay on top of mind

A study conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that people check their social media networks more than once a day. Social media platforms offer the opportunity to gain getting Twitter followers. The key is to keep your social media posts entertaining and informative and your followers will see your new content in their feeds. This will help keep your brand at the top of their minds.

For Growth

5. Boost website traffic

Keeping your content fresh is a great way to generate website traffic. It offers an opportunity to attract readers once a post is published. Another way to make your brand visible to potential customers is to participate in social chats. Offer great value in the chat room. Instead of being promotional, just include a link to your website.

6.  Generate Leads

Another important benefit of social media marketing for your business is lead generation. Through social media, you can attract the interest of potential customers in your business and your products. Ads have a 7.5 times lower than the cost per lead of ads that links to a form on your website.

7. Increase sales

Social media can be an excellent platform for selling your products or service. It is an integral part of your sales funnel. As the number of people using social media increases, the more social media networks will become crucial for product search and e-commerce.

8. Partner with influencers

Recommendations coming from influencers will have an impact on 20 to 50 percent of purchasing decisions. Partnering with influencers, increase brand familiarity four times more than collaborating with a celebrity.

For content creation

9. Promote content

Content will always be king and promoting it on social media is a great way to put your feet forward and build your audience. It will help prove your expertise in your chosen niche.

10. Go viral

Going viral means your content is shared by your target audience to their networks who will also follow suit and share your content. When your content is liked and shared, people will be curious and check it out. If they like it, they will share it with their networks as well.


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Written by Raul H Powell

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