Why You Must Monitor and Guide Your Children to Good Music

Caring for our kids is not just about their material needs, that is an error that a lot of parents fall in. I take this opportunity to mention you that it is the small things that cause the greatest effects on them, not the large issues that can be seen and resolved immediately.

Music is one of the important factors that affect kids and parents simply don’t realize it since it is not obviously seen. From here we see the importance of monitoring and guiding your kids to good music.

•    It has a direct effect on their behavior; good music will calm the listeners and in turn motivate them.

•    Music changes the perception of the world to kids – they see it from the eyes of their favorite artist.

•    Some genres have been proven scientifically to cause the negative effect in teens due to their explicit content, graphics, destructive themes and the message they portray – like metal, heavy metal, hardcore rap, among others.

•    Kids idolize the singer they listen to, and if he portrays certain behavior that is unconducive or destructive – they unconsciously follow.

•    Videos associated with music are either a building block or a cutting knife on growing kids. There is no in-between.

•    Music affects our moods and emotions – how much then will its effect be on kids who are not fully developed or settled emotionally

•    Some of the most famous and successful musicians have become successful by exploiting their sexuality – that is detrimental to our kids.

•    Every child has his own preferences in music – let them keep their preferences while teaching them how to choose what is good for them even while keeping their preferences. Let them choose and attend music concerts that suits their tastes and preferences while at the same time make them able to decide wisely which ones to be picked.

•    The easiest way to guide them is by being an example, make music part of the home environment and let them help you choose – and guide them in a choice that is suitable for all.

Availability of music has greatly increased, and it is hard to keep up with what our kids listen to, that is why guiding them from the beginning is the key. And not just guiding them, but from their young age, we need to befriend them and learn to listen to the latest trends long before they do. With such an open mind we will be able to guide them without giving them the impression that we are against what they like – an attitude will make them get their backs up and take a stubborn stance in the opposite direction.

Guidance is a far cry from just saying no without an explanation that will satisfy the curiosity of a growing teen – so, guide and direct while quietly monitoring. Monitoring is not about keeping tabs – that will make them hide their choices from you – it is about sharing your choices in such a way that will teach them indirectly to share their choices with you. And, under any condition always keep calm even while you are guiding them away from a bad choice either in the music itself or the other side issues that they could learn from the artist portraying the music.


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Written by Rob Wills

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