The Power of Silence

In silence, I find reality by connecting with the real self. Silence increases my capability to hold the fact within.

The experience of acknowledging my distinct and intrinsic qualities increases my own power. In silence, I touch my self-confidence and experience trust, faith, security, charm, value. It helps me develop my actions.

Comprehending “in noise” is a cognitive procedure, while comprehending “in silence” is more subtle, resulting in an awareness that emerges from within.

Silence supplies the chance for me to recognize the qualities in myself that have the capability to change me. In silence, I can link to the greatest quality of my lightest, clearest thinking.

Silence is a chance to rest in the lap of my own success. Keep in mind to look after yourself with the unique attention you would accord any terrific soul.

Action emerges from the seeds of an idea. Activities are the products of these seeds. Exactly what is the soil in which I select to plant the seeds of my ideas?

In silence, I can pay attention to the call of God, the call of nature, the call of others in requirement.

Silence is an inner area of knowledge. I continue to hold on to it when I do not comprehend something.

The silence we are getting in here is an option. This silence is an opportunity for discovery, to discover out various and brand-new things.

Silence is not an absence of interaction. As we establish our center with this subtle language, we discover that we are less reliant on the mechanical gadgets that can link us however that can likewise make us feel more different.

In silence, I find my natural qualities, the qualities that are intrinsic to who I am. Here in silence, I touch my everlasting self.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

I am a net worker, looking forward to make the life easier as far as the financial constraints are concerned!

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