The Essential Features of a Five Star Hotel

“Come enjoy your stay in a five-star hotel”– we see these words very often, in advertisements or magazines. Hoteliers use the term ‘5-star hotel’ as a marketing gimmick. But what really is a 5-star hotel? People always associate 5-star hotels with exclusive luxury and high costs. But beyond that, what constitutes a 5-star hotel service?

First of all, let’s be clear that there is no official institution for ranking hotels. Internationally reputed travel magazines and nowadays travel websites are the people behind giving hotel ratings. By general consensus, it is agreed that 5-star hotels in most cases belong to a reputed hotel chain known internationally. There are many hotels in Kolkata which are classified as luxury hotels and they enjoy five-star ratings from their customers.

But what makes a hotel truly 5 stars? Below are a few stand-out qualities found common in all 5-star hotels.

Stunning Aesthetic

A 5-star hotel will have its own unmistakable personality. As you enter through the gates, you will know you have arrived somewhere special. The reception lobby will have decorative furniture, expensive artwork, and fragrant flowers. From the door handle of your room to the bathtub in your bathroom, each and every surface will be pristinely clean. Be it the delicate china used in the restaurant or the chandelier in the front lobby, everything is elegant and classy to look at.

Quality of Service

The most distinguishing feature of a 5-star hotel is its impeccable service. Every member of the staff is courteous, attentive and well-spoken. They are trained to carefully anticipate your needs as a guest and deliver the highest levels of personalized service. These 5-star hotels use technology trends to provide a better guest experience. The hotel staff in a 5 star is always readily available. Phones should be answered in a moment and service will remain good even at peak capacity.  Even the most mundane request of a guest is taken care of with absolute delight by the staff. Hotels in Kolkata earn their good reputation by providing exceptional service to their guests on every interaction, helping them achieve the 5-star status.

The Amenities

5-star hotels offer luxurious décor and carefully selected furnishings with high attention to detail. The rooms and suites boast of stylish interiors and high-quality furnishings. All rooms come with large queen or king-sized beds, premium bedding and luxurious bath products, a minibar, free high-speed internet and round-the-clock room service. Complimentary breakfast is always included. Five-star hotels provide the finest dining experience. Guests have access to an assortment of restaurants and dining options. 5-star hotels in Kolkata also give their guests free access to a range of world-class recreational amenities including tennis courts, spa services, swimming pools and 24-hour fitness centres.


5-star hotels earn their credentials by offering immaculate service each and every time! Guests can expect the same excellent level of service during all times, irrespective of peak periods or short staffing. Both the staff and management have an unwavering commitment to providing the best service to their guests. This unfailing consistency is what sets a 5-star hotel apart from other hotels.

The most iconic and well-reputed 5-star hotels in Kolkata that have been shining names in their respective field are:

Taj Bengal 

The Taj Bengal has a total of 229 rooms and 29 suites, each very lavishly designed. Genuine antiques and priceless art adorn this hotel’s interiors. Located in Alipore, the Taj hotel is close to famous spots like the Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, and Royal Calcutta Race Course. Some of the rooms offer a magnificent view of the Victoria Memorial. The hotel has five restaurants that offer Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

Oberoi Grand 

The Oberoi Grand is a sprawling colonial-style hotel dating back to the mid-1800s. High ceilings and large windows lets in plenty of natural light inside. The rooms feature teakwood antique furnishings, red granite bathrooms, and white enamel bathtubs. There are a total of 209 rooms, each equipped with ultra-modern conveniences and served by personal butlers 24 hours a day. The main highlight of the hotel’s quadrant garden is the 60-foot outdoor pool. Oberoi Grand is also home to the city’s largest pillar-less ballroom, the Grand Ballroom.


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Written by Della Moris