What is the Percentage of Job Opportunity in the USA after Study?

America has long been called the “country of opportunity,” which is why hundreds of international students and young professionals come here from around the world every year in search of new ways of career development.

Indeed, the US is an economic and political center, which is why young foreigners are so easily entangled in the huge number of vacancies and professional opportunities that America offers. But do not worry many foreign students after studying find excellent work in the US and consider this country a second home. If it turned out for them, then why cannot you get it?

Career Opportunity in the USA

  • Despite the fact that America is the world’s most powerful economic power, the local labor market today is not as extensive as it used to be. In particular, the number of working Americans has significantly decreased over the past year. Nevertheless, young graduates do not need to worry – in the near future, it is forecasted an increase in the number of vacancies for young professionals.
  • Career opportunities and vacancies in specific areas are different in every state in America. Therefore, the student still needs to know all the details of further employment before the end of the university, in order to develop a strategy in advance. For example, in Washington, every unemployed in the region, including Maryland and Virginia, has one vacancy, while the unemployment rate in Las Vegas is 14.3%.
  • In America, especially developed the industry of the economy, finance, media, and banking industry. At the same time, 35% of employers in the field of finance is going to present new vacancies in the near future. Thus, today in the United States there are better prospects for employment among young specialists in the field of lending and financial analytics, accounting, and auditing. In the coming years, the number of vacancies in the media industry is also expected to increase.

Can I stay in the US for Job?

Students who wish to stay in the US after graduation have two options: participating in the OPT program or obtaining a work visa. After the expiration of the student visa, each student in America gets some time to leave the country, extend an old visa or get a new one. For F-1 visa holders, this period is 60 days, and for students with M-1 and J-1 visas, 30 days. For further Information about the study visa, contact Trusted Study Abroad Consultants.


Students of American universities with F-1 visas have the right to temporary work in the field of their specialization during the year. Under this program, you can work on a year for each completed level of training. For example, you can work one year after obtaining a bachelor’s degree and another – after obtaining a master’s degree.

First, you will need to fill out the OPT I-20 form at your school’s office, and if you are approved, you will be included in the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS). After that, you will be able to obtain new immigration documents and be able to apply for the OPT in the American Immigration Department.

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