Mystic Heart

Since the mystical heart is an organ of discernment and a power of light that goes through deception; it is a want to “look for” – the group of perfect love in everything. As right now, the vitality of my heart achieves your heart: “Similarly as it appears.” This development of the heart is totally nonpartisan, without will or expectation. The heart just tries to know love without judgment.

When we realize that the divine likeness is everywhere and always in search of itself, we discover the mystery of existence. For our research, the search for the divine is in the search for oneself in all things, a movement from the divine to the divine. Although the mind has prejudices and believes that it can discriminate against good or evil, the heart seeks true essence. This concerns the depth, the spiritual meaning of life. He is not interested in the outside but seeks his level: the divine resemblance in each being.

Just as the physical heart regulates the circulatory system and cardiac output by rhythmic contraction and relaxation, the mystical heart, the seat of the divine, pressed by the energy pathways of the spiritual consciousness and the fine atmosphere of the tracks of soul and body of the mystical principle of love are incorporated into the spiritual and physical matter, from the smallest atomic particle to the great cosmic expansion. It is this high mystical principle which seeks to express itself in everyday life and to preserve the sacredness of creation in its various manifestations.

The path of the heart transcends reason, even divine reason, and remains intact by the mortal mind. Unfortunately, loving knowledge, knowledge through love, is humiliated in contemporary culture from the highest point to the rational mind. While reasoning and playing a necessary role in decision-making, they have also acquired general validity in people’s lives today and, in the most striking cases, rationalism triumphs over all other forms of knowledge. This approach has had a disastrous impact on how we value the world and our inner life. By perpetuating all areas of consciousness, excessive rationalism contributes to the cultural pathology and destroys our sensitivity to the sacred dimension of life.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

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