Insider Tips to Choose the Best Bed and Breakfast for a Relaxing Experience

Your stay in a Bed and Breakfast will be a truly relaxing experience especially when you are served tasty homemade food and also entertained by the affable hosts. Or maybe sleep in a room that is filled with lovely soft toys and enjoying some sumptuous local cuisine. To enjoy these services, you need to choose the best Bed and Breakfast.

Tips to Consider 

Today there is no dearth in the availability of Bed and Breakfast inns, but if you want to choose the best then you need to follow a few tips namely,

  • Book in Advance- Do not make any booking at the last moment. It is best to book in advance, say at least a month ahead of the stay. For instance, if you plan to stay there for a special occasion or book the best room, you need to book on time because rooms will fill up fast during peak season.
  • Weigh the Extras- Make it a point to check the extras beyond breakfast. The common complimentary amenities will include beach umbrellas, bicycle rentals, warm cookies and cheese and wine happy hours.
  • Check the Cancellation Policies- Modification and cancellation policies differ from one in to another so before booking check the cost related to cancellation. Should ill health or inclement weather be a concern, consider the travel insurance. Akin to cancellation policies, the insurance coverage and rates will also vary widely. So check the fine print as well as calculate to ensure whether the costs are indeed worth it.
  • Leave or Bring the Kids- There are some Bed and Breakfast that prefer in maintaining a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for guests thereby restricting kids under a specific age to stay on-site. While there are some which have special rooms that are reserved exclusively for families and some public spaces like restaurants, bars or pools for kids will be an off-limit. Read the policy of the inn regarding kids before booking. If they allow kids to check for the child-friendly activities and amenities.
  • Map your Location- Location is a major appeal in most bed and breakfasts. For instance, there are many Bed and Breakfast Finger Lakes of which some are nestled within residential areas away from crowds, and some are amid wooded trails or rolling hills while some are away in the country. Yes of course all the quiet may sound perfect, but you will have to check the time and cost related to both driving to as well as from your inn and also the area’s museums, bars, restaurants, sights and more.
  • Remember Resident Pets- If you are allergy prone then enquire about pets in the Inn on the policy page.
  • Enjoy Breakfast Your Way- All Bed and Breakfast will not offer morning meal. Some innkeepers offer breakfast while on the go comprising of coffee and freshly baked pastries ready for the pick-up. There are some that provide in-room breakfasts while there are others that provide a communal kitchen to help you prepare your meal. So choose one as per your needs.
  • Check Reception Hours-If you wish to leave late or arrive very early, check the reception hours before planning the arrival and departure. There are some Bed and Breakfast that provide reception 24/7 or have on-site staff to help with both check-ins as well as checkout. But not every inn will offer you with such services. Make sure to coordinate well in advance with your innkeeper for organizing both your arrival as well as departure times.
  • Give Heads Up- A good bed and breakfast will offer you personalized touches and careful attention through the innkeeper. Discuss with your hosts about all your needs before making the booking.
  • Online Reviews- Most importantly do not forget to check the different online reviews as this will give you an idea regarding the services that they offer. Consult Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google or Facebook for good reviews on bed and breakfast.
  • Check the Amenities Available- Today people are dependent on modern technology so while making the booking enquire about the different modern amenities that the inn offers for you such as Wi-Fi, TV and other devices.
  • Is it Handicap Accessible – Not all Bed and Breakfast offer services which are handicap accessible. While making a reservation ensure to ask regarding handicap considerations which apply to you to make sure that they are capable of accommodating you.
  • Ask what is Included in the Package- Despite the name Bed and Breakfast all do not provide breakfast in the cost. Often people do not desire in partaking in the group meal hence some inns have made the breakfast service as an option for which you need to pay an extra charge. So ask beforehand whether breakfast is included.
  • Are the Bathrooms Shared -There are some Bed and Breakfast where you will require you to share a bathroom with others and should this be acceptable to you go ahead but if you are not comfortable look for an inn that offers a separate bathroom.
  • Check if they offer cooling and heating systems- Often bed and breakfast that are near historic structures may not provide any cooling and heating systems. So, check on such services to ensure your stay is a comfortable one.

Bed and Breakfast services have transformed their styles in time for competing with tourism’s ever-growing challenges. There are some that will suffice travelers within a small budget on the lookout for affordable rooms to rent while there are others that cater to the luxury seekers. Irrespective of the type of traveler you are, you need to consider the tips above which can help you in finding the most beautiful bed and breakfast. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a small family vacation you are sure to find something of your choice that will help you to feel comfortable and also unwind. Choose a package that suits you best and makes the most of your stay in the best Bed and Breakfast.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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