How to take care of your water purifier

The main purpose of a water purifier is to give you clean, filtered water. So it becomes fairly crucial to maintaining the regular cleaning of your water purifier because you cannot take this thing for granted. Water purifiers are basically designed in such a manner that they will definitely clog. Whether you have a commercial RO water purifier or a domestic water purifier, you should take proper care of it for its longevity. Here we have come up with some of the very basic and important tips to clean your water purifier.

Clean the filters

Filters in a water purifier are extremely important parts because that’s where the microscopic bugs are absorbed. You can wash these filtering rods gently with a brush.

Change the filters

The water filter is the most important part in a water purifier because of it absorbs the contaminants. After a certain point, the contamination starts accumulating in the filters, hinder the proper functioning of your water purifier. If you notice any such thing as less flow of water or bad smelling water, it is high time you change your water filters.

Check for drips and leakage

Keep checking your water filter for drips or leakage. If you notice any, don’t forget to get the professional’s help. Leakage in water purifier can damage the machine and it may put the health of your family at risk.

Replace RO Membrane

You’ll find a semi-permeable membrane in all RO water purifiers. It helps water to pass through after filtering. You should keep changing the RO membrane in every two-three months.

Sanitize the RO tank

You should keep your RO tank sanitize and clean. Cleaning the pipes of RO system regularly keeps your water purifier in good condition.

Yearly maintenance

Like any machine, water purifiers need regular maintenance too. To avoid any serious damage, you should take help of a professional on annual basis. Nasaka provides high-end after sales and maintenance services. It also offers a wide range of water purifiers for all purpose. To shop online water filters, visit our site.

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