How to Calculate How Much Ton AC Will be Suitable for a Room?

Before you buy an AC, you must know how much ton you should go for.

While you think about the tonnage, the salesman immediately shows you the highest ton air conditioner. In most cases, this becomes more than what you require, and you end up spending an out-of-the-budget amount!

Buying air conditioners is itself a hefty investment. For buying high-ended models, you may face budget constraints, but nowadays, with financing options like EMIs from Bajaj Finserv and other NBFCs, you can solve this issue. Through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network which offers benefits like No Cost EMIs and zero to minimal down payments, your purchase becomes a comfortable journey.

Now, after the budget issue; the size deciding problem comes up.

How can you decide which ton AC to go for? 

  1. For Window AC 

Window ACs are the most common air conditioners that users prefer. They come in single units requiring larger space to fit in.

They are available in a variety of sizes owing to their cooling capacity. 1 ton means 3.5kW power, implying that one 1 ton air conditioner consumes this much power in an hour. The higher the tonnage of a Window AC, the bigger will it be in size as its compressor and its fan are in the same unit.

The size ranges available in the market currently are 0.75 ton, 1 ton and up to 2 ton. The 0.75-ton air conditioner has a cooling capacity suitable for a room of area 100 square feet. A 2-ton conditioner, on the other hand, cools a room area of 240 square feet.

  1. For split air conditioners

The split conditioner is the most widely used nowadays owing to their flexible nature and easy to install mode. Moreover, they are comparatively less expensive. As they are “split” into two units – indoor and outdoor, hence their name. They are silent coolers creating much less noise than window ones and come in varieties of cooling abilities. The standard range is from .75 ton to 4.5 tons! The cooling of room area for a split is more or less the same as the window air conditioners.

  1. For an inverter AC

It is more or less like the splits but comes with a different mechanism. The room size determines the tonnage of inverter ACs. If you bag the right size, then exuberantly cooling your room will not be an issue any longer. This will let you keep the electricity bills standard and not mount up to a pandemonium amount.

First, measure your room size! A 150 square feet room will require a 1-ton air conditioner; a 1.5-ton cooler will be suitable for a 250 square feet room. A large room with a size of 400 square feet requires a 2-ton inverter AC.

The capacity of the air conditioner as a primary deciding factor!

It’s common to get puzzled while buying a new air conditioner. Besides the carpet area which you need to consider for choosing the size, there are other variables of the quotient too –

  • Do consider the number of people who will stay in the designated room. Then think again. If your room generally remains crowed, then even if its carpet matches with 1 ton or say 0.75 ton, you need to buy a larger capacity air conditioner. Experts recommend that you increase the capacity range by at least 10%.
  • If your room has more windows, it means that the room gets way more sunlight than a standard one requires. This leads to buying an air conditioner with increased cooling capacity.

Many flagship brands have their tonnage calculator available on their website. This calculator lets you get the ideal AC! So, this year, worry no further with your budget for, as told before, the pre-approved offers of Bajaj Finserv are there to sort your issues out. These offers on a home loan, business loan, personal loan and EMI financing on products make your purchase easy and quick. To check the pre-approved offers online, you just need to provide a few essential information.


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