Bloggingand Travelling. How to Make Money While Being on The Road?

Socialmedia’s full of people that are traveling while blogging, showingoff their experiences, journeys, and fulfillment. When you first takea look, you’ll be thinking…wow…I want that kind of life. And tobe honest, there’s no reason not to think this way.

Bloggingis an awesome activity that has a lot of potential. It offers so manybenefits to the one who’s doing it, and it creates a strong linkbetween passion and work. Moreover, as you’ve probably noticed, asuccessful blogging experience gives you the chance to travel theworld while keeping your laptop close to you all the time.

Buthow exactly does this “thing” work?

Well,good blogs are money machines. There are many ways in which you canearn money from your blog. Here are just a few of them:

  • AffiliateMarketing (sell other people’s products, receive commissions)
  • SellYour Own Digital Product (e-books, webinars, tutorials)
  • SellAdvertising Space
  • WriteSponsored Articles
  • OfferCoaching Services
  • PromoteBusinesses Through Your Content (earn money per campaign)

Ok,these are just a few of the possible monetization ways. If you’relooking for more, here’s a list of other possible choices. Eitherway, you shouldn’t think of money yet. You firstly need to focus onyour blog’s specifics. A blog is just like any other business –it provides value and then it asks for something in return.

Successfulblogs are usually built by passionate people. Always choose a nicheof activity that you’re interested in. Your blog will gain moretraction because passion is clearly visible. You can easily make thedifference between an article written with passion and an articlewritten to be written.

During today’s post, you’re going to receive some insightful tips on howto create the experience everyone’s talking about: travelling while blogging or blogging while traveling.

Don’tTravel Until You Are Stable

Yourmain objective is to create a stableincomefrom your blog. Of course, stable could mean different things fordifferent people. Depending on your grade of stability, you shoulddecide how much is enough. More on this in the next subheading.

Payattention. You can never start traveling on a constant basis withouthaving everything planned. People fail to preserve this journeybecause they fail to organize it properly. Stability is extremelyimportant, along with a planned roadmap towards consistent (or maybeeven passive) income.

EstablishIncome and Traveling Goals

Youshould set some goals depending on the stage that you’re currentlyin. If you already generate around $100/month (let’s say), you’remuch more advanced than someone who hasn’t even figured out hisniche. Now…no matter the blogging phase that you’re in, startsetting income andtravelinggoals.

Soif you’re looking for a $500/month stable income, you’d better set some realistic traveling goals. Choose the countries that have poorer economy and start visiting those at first. By knowing how much you need andthe exact place(s) that you’ll travel towards, you can stay focused on your objectives and reach them pretty fast.

LearnEverything About Blogging

Everyone can travel, but not everyone can blog. The first and the most important aspect that you need to take care of is your blogging knowledge.Do you know enough about content marketing? How about social media?Are you choosing the best monetization ways and the best promotion channels? Take as much time as you need to build a “bloggingknowledge bank”.

WorkHard, Smart, and Take Action Consistently

Thenext step after you’re done educating yourself is to actually takeaction. Now the real hustle begins, as you’ll have to work manyhours. Not only that you need to work hard, but you also got to do itsmart.Morethan often, the difference between successful and mediocre bloggerslies in their ability to work hard and smart.

Moreover,efficient bloggers are always consistent. They learn new things, andthey adapt to the marketplace conditions. Make sure that you stay ontrack with the trends, and do your best to make your blog stand outof the box.

StartTraveling, Continue Hustling

Onceyou reach the proposed stability and income, it’s time to take off.You can finally start living your dream, and you can make it last foras long as you want. Here’s what you might not like: You shouldnever stophustling.The work that you did will only pay off if you continue doing it.

Youcan’t just stop working on your blog because you’ve reached 10%of your destination. Keep upgrading it, make it generate more income,and continue the journey for as long as you can. Think of progressall the time – that’s what’s going to make you one of the fewselects who can travel while making money from their blogs!


Thislifestyle obviously seems like a dream that has to come true. Let meawaken you again and assure you that it is definitelypossible andachievable.Whatmakes the difference between those who do it and those who don’t?Work, strategic planning, and consistency. Build that blog, make itprofitable, and start enjoying a wonderful lifestyle!

Nowlet me ask you a question. How many people do you personallyknow toconstantly travel while making money from their blogs?

Iguess not that many if even any. The reason is pretty simple. The whole blogging & traveling thing has become a business. Blogging“gurus” teaching you how to make money while traveling (offeringyou their 49$ e-book or program), plenty of ads that promote this entire idea, and so many more scams are surrounding the web rightnow.

TomJager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has writtennumerous articles/online journals.You can reach him at G+ or  Facebook.


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