Be a better driver with this fantastic 6 tips

Whether you are a good driver or you are still in the learning phase, to master your driving skills you need to follow a few guidelines everytime you handle the steering wheel.  Roads can be very dangerous and to save your and other people’s life while driving, improving with time is a necessity. To brush up on your driving skills or to hone to better ones, take a look at the post below.

1. Avoid distractions

Once you get on the road, you will realise that there are numerous distractions which can lead to a bad driving experience. First of all, make sure that your mirrors are adjusted well so you don’t have to keep adjusting them while driving. Also, once you have decided your destination, create a map of the route to ensure that you have it right. Otherwise, use the maps on your smartphone so you are not distracted. Other distracting elements which people fail to notice are eating while driving, constantly changing songs and a talkative passenger. Avoid distractions to enjoy the leisure of driving.

2. Safety checks

Safety comes first, which is why make sure that you keep a safety check every time you hold the steering wheel. If you are a new driver, you will notice that the first thing which is covered during driving lessons in Coventry is to fasten your seat belt, adjust your rear and side view mirrors, adjust your gear, hold the wheel in the right position and more for a safe drive. Also, stay in control of your gears and accelerator and don’t bother speeding because it may feel thrilling but it is one of the most prominent reasons for accidents.

3. Practice 

The more you practice, the better. Take your car for short drive every morning to gain control and create a perfect sync with your gears, brake and accelerator. Driving is not a casual activity which makes it important for you to not take it for granted. Practice the gear control, speed control, parking and back driving so you know that you are ready to drive on high- traffic roads without posing a life threat to you and others and others.

4. Merging techniques

When you take automatic driving lesson in Coventry, you will see that one of the most important aspects of their driving training is to merge the car perfectly. There are two types of people when it comes to lane changing. There are the aggressive changers who abruptly change the lane and could be the reason for accidents. Then there are those who carefully change the lane, keeping their and other people’s lives safe. Be the second one. Take a look and anticipate properly before you change the lanes. Learn zipper merge for easy and efficient merging.

5. Park like a pro

A great driver is a pro at parking and if you want to be considered as one, work on your parking skills. It could to be difficult initially but once you get a hang of it, you’ll see it’s pretty straightword. Forward parking isn’t as difficult as compared to reverse and parallel parking in tight spots and so they require more practice. Ask your instructor to teach you every trick to park well.

6. Know when to avoid driving- sleepy, drunk, injured

If you have a tough night and had less sleep, avoid driving. If you have good amount of liquor at a party just now, avoid driving. If you are injured and are finding it difficult to even move, avoid driving. Practically, whenever you think that your body and your brain are not in perfect sync, do not risk your life and avoid driving. Opt for taxi services or call a friend to help you out.

Even though driving is a thrilling experience for many, it is taught in automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, nothing is more important than your life. Follow the tips above and drive safe.


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