Art of Silence

I never knew that silence could be so beautiful until I did Art of Silence Program or Advance meditation program for the first time in 2008. It is four days long residential program offered by Art of Living Foundation where advanced meditations are conducted for the participants along with some powerful processes and knowledge sessions. The highlight of the course is the silence of three and a half days.

I was a bit apprehensive about the silence when I first did the course. What’s the purpose of silence? Will I be able to stay silent for so long? But not only I observed silence but I realized the immense effect of silence. During silence, you are able to dive deep into meditation and are able to observe what goes on in your mind. It’s a blissful experience which opens new dimensions of self discovery.

I have done numerous advance courses since then out of which three in my spiritual master’s presence. Every advance course’s experience has been different from the previous one and every time there is a new insight that dawns. The experiences during meditations have been profound which words can’t explain. I am grateful to my spiritual master for these beautiful experiences.


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