5 euro date. | Is it possible?

In this adventure I realized that it is possible to create a beautiful, sensual and valuable evening even if you do not have the money. This is not a matter of money, power or prestige. This is the question of what you really want to do.

On this day I was scheduled to have another Christian date. Dinner in the fine restaurant, a good movie and all the opportunities for this evening to continue until the night. But at the last moment, everything was changed by the fact that I was left without money. Already standing at the house of Christ, I realized that I had forgotten my purse, not at home, but when I came to my parents. There was everything in the wallet – money, cards ….I urgently had to figure out how to spend this day just as well, but with just five euros. It was just in coins in my car.

Waiting for Christiana, she looked great. Of course, I did not say anything about the budget deficit. I have no problem admitting that I made a mistake, but asking the girl money and counting every cent spent – it simply suppresses the romantic atmosphere. It seemed to me more interesting challenge for a girl to take a date fabulous without spending money. I still have a car with a full tank of fuel, flat and knowledge of many romantic spots in the city.

I had to act immediately. I knew how nice it was to go somewhere in the wild and that a recent friend suggested go to the airport. There is both an abandoned airplane and an opportunity to watch airplanes rise above the head. Christiana, as a girl who heard the offer for a romantic adventure, immediately agreed.

However, she reminded me that evening had been scheduled for dinner, so she did not eat. Been, currently, I encounter the biggest problem! I know that dining anywhere will cost much more than my evening budget. For a moment my thoughts stopped, and then with a new boost got attached to the problem. On the edge I looked like that for a moment to stare at one point.

Christian asked me, “Are you okay?”

I replied: “You know, we should go to the airport. I know the great place where we can satisfy hunger, but later I have foreseen you to make dinner with me! “

Christian: “Awww … How nice you are! But what place are you thinking right now? “

I remembered that there was Asia restaurant , where a good friend works. I knew that I could talk to a lunch with him and give up money later. But this idea was for me to “sell”.

I: “You know, I really liked the Asian kichen. I know one place where the best noodles served in Riga with mild chicken curry sauce. Loaves can swallow … Trust me! “

With the right words you can sell anything. Well, both of us really wanted to eat Asian food and we went there.

For me, my lucky friend worked that day. With Christiana, this was more like a little adventure in a great adventure, so it did not seem that she had a claim that she need eat poor noodles on the date. We left our portions half empty, with the understanding of friends, the payment process was already negotiated and we went further. Utah was a bit careless about the cheap meal, but the mood was good, and I will have the opportunity to revenge with a good dinner with me in my house.

On the way, we went to a petrol station in the shop to pick up some good stuff. Girls must always be satisfied! We got inside and Christians immediately chose a bottle of champagne and a few more expensive candies. She had good taste. However, this time I can not aford that.

I: “So many sweets? The wonder that you’re so thin! “Christian: “Are you serious ?!”I: “Ok, okay, I’m just joking … But I suggest better natural sugar, look at the juicy fruits on the shelf!”

Christian agreed. She put it all back and quickly ran off to the fruit and chose a couple of them. Champagne was really a good idea! I took one bottle, only unfortunately its cheapest.

The fair share of the airport was excellent. In spite of the cool weather in the spring, watching the planes was very romantic. Unfortunately, Skultes plane that was abandoned was dismantled. I thought to myself that “I’m really lucky” today! But the plane was replaced by walking along the forest. It was a great and fun adventure. We walked, photographed and drunk champagne from a bottle. You see, as well as the fine ladies enjoy simple entertainment, if properly presented!

When I arrived home, I was happy about my creativity and well-off time. Part of the fun is also the merit of Christ, who showed his best side. At home I had all the amenities to ensure a good continuation of the evening.


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Written by Ingus

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