3 Easy Ways to Locate Long-Lost Friends and Family Members

Have you ever wondered what happened to an old high-school friend or family member you met at a reunion years ago? Technology has advanced, so it may be easier for you to reconnect than you think. These three options will help you rebuild that friendship or get to know your extended family members a little better.

Try Social Media

A post on social media may help you find others that know or knew your friend. Messages or links to that friend may come in from others. Social media is often reliable source.

Search your friends’ profiles for connections to your long-lost friend. It may be difficult to locate them if they have gotten married or their appearance has changed. If you do locate them, consider sending a friend or connection request.

If you are looking for a family member, consider asking someone else that attended the meeting. A direct link to that family member is best. There can be multiple, and in some cases hundreds, of people with the same name. Ensure that your family members are connected so that you know you’ve found the right person.

Reunion or Classmate-Type Websites

Several websites exist today that are specifically for finding classmates and old friends. It is best to find a service that specifically lists your old high school and graduating class. When you locate an appropriate listing, view the site and its credentials first.

The first thing you want to look for is an active group for your graduating class. Check the list of members to make sure it’s people you actually went to school with. In some cases, you may find a group that is phishing, or looking for people to add to contact lists. Phishers tend to send a lot of spam and sell your contact information to other companies.

If you do find people that you still know or recognize, request to join that group. Upon acceptance, make a public post that you want to reconnect with a former classmate. See if anyone else in the group is in contact with them.

General People Search

Have you ever considered a general people search? You can obtain some information for free. To find the most valid information, you’ll need to use a paid service. The general information provided may only tell you if the person remains single, has changed their name or has relocated.

If you want to search people in Florida , start by using a state-specific resource. This will return the most accurate results possible. Enter the person’s name the way that you remember it, and hit search. Look at the results to see if you recognize other names or locations associated with that person. If a method of contact is available for free – consider attempting to contact that person. If the person was very important to you, consider using the paid option for a better method of contact.

Closing Thoughts

It has become quite easy to reconnect with old friends and family members. Technology continues to advance. When you come across multiple people with the same name, try to view the available photos to see if the face is recognizable before simply contacting them.


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