Your Complete Guide for Taking Care Of Quartzite Countertops

Maintaining quartzite countertops

Bathroom and kitchen countertops are available in many types. However, it is the quartzite worktops that is fast increasing in terms of popularity. Quartzite kitchen worktops are made up of quartzite stone which is a beautiful stone and is carved into several countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. This stone is firm and beautiful regarding appearance. Furthermore, the combination with granite and exquisite designs make it all the more appealing.

Investing in quartzite worktops serves as a rightful choice and the same brings with it good care and maintenance. You can now protect this investment in the quartzite kitchen worktops by working on the following tips:

Sealing the Quartzite: 

The first step towards the maintenance of quartzite worktops is sealing them properly. Although quartzite is sturdy, even a small vulnerability of this stone ends up making it dull and dusty. Thus, it is very important for you to keep it in a good shape. The best option is the sealing of your countertop on an annual basis. Make the use of penetrating sealers made using silicone to serve the purpose.

Protect against liquid: 

Quartzite stone must be protected against liquid. Several liquids such as grease, butter, syrup,  and jam often spill on the quartzite kitchen worktop, thereby making it messy. In this case, you must make the use of a plastic scraper to scrape the waste and to clean the countertop. Remember not to use a metal scraper on this stone as it could make way for a number of unwanted scratches.

Regular cleaning: 

Your quartzite worktop must be cleaned regularly so that it doesn’t lose its beautiful finish. Wipe off all kinds of dust and dirt spilling on to the countertop. Make the use of the 1-to-1 solution. Use a cleaning pad, dump it and apply the cleaner to rinse the dirt away. Do not make the use of any cleaning brush, scouring pad or other products which come with a rough surface. Once cleaned with a damp cloth, dry the wet surface using a paper towel.

Prevention of stains: 

The most positive aspect of the quartzite worktops is their property of being non-porous. As a consequence, water and various other stains will not seep into it, thereby making it stain resistant. However, some non-edible items still make their way to stain the countertop, and this calls for a good cleaning session. Permanent ink or paint end up staining the beautiful appearance of your countertop.

Similarly, other substances too can hamper its overall beauty. In such a case, wipe off the surface immediately and rinse it with water. You can also use a grease cleaner to remove any permanent stain.

Things to be kept out: 

Your quartzite kitchen worktop is one precious investment, and therefore you must make sure to take care of it in the best possible way. There are a few things which should never be used on these countertops as they can damage them irreversibly. Keep out the things like batteries, pumice, bleach, oven cleaners, SOS pads, etc. away from the countertop.

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Quartzite worktops serve as a right choice for your kitchen and bathroom tops, and they must be maintained carefully during their use. Follow these quick steps and learn to maintain them.


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