Why ponds and water features are great to have in your garden?

Water features of old times were decorative elements ready to show-off the wealth of the owner. They were especially popular in palaces and castles, but rich people usually chose to have at least one water feature in their gardens too. Water played a big role in garden designs throughout ages, but is it still popular now? It’s no secret that water features can blend in with your whole garden regardless of its size. With the right placement and additions, they can change your garden’s aura into that of an enchanted, sophisticated fairytale. It’s especially useful for countries such as the UK that don’t have an exotic climate and naturally occurring unusual plants.

  1. It makes your yard appear larger

Have you ever walked into a small apartment that has many mirrors? Do you remember how much bigger it looked? Thanks to the reflective aspect of mirrors, they can visually enlarge any space. Water features like ponds, fountains or artificial rivers have the same effect on your garden. For maximum saturation, choose a dark material for the base of the chosen water features. You can also install some lighting that will boost the impression during the night, or opt for some eco lighting charged by sunlight during the day. Thanks to the water features, your garden will seem much bigger than it actually is.

  1. It is super easy to maintain

Having water features is so popular because of their beauty and how easy they are to maintain. It’s true that every now and then they need a good cleaning to minimize the risk of increasing the algae contamination. Cleansing is also necessary to prevent any blockages the activity is enjoyable and doesn’t take too long. If you have plants or fish, take them out before cleaning up and place them in a safe tank filled with fresh water. Water plants are a fantastic way of decorating ponds and their cost isn’t high at all. Enchant your garden with water lilies or seaweed to turn your garden into spectacular scenery.

  1. It creates a peaceful ambiance

During a heatwave running water is the most desired sight. If the garden is designed with close attention to detail, it will bring a joyful spirit into your yard. If you live in the UK, you can always use some help from specialists in the field of garden design from Edinburgh. Peaceful sounds of the running water are ideal for distancing yourself from a noisy neighborhood and relaxing. A little piece of heaven is at your feet.


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