We Were Constantly Coughing And Sneezing Until These Guys Showed Up

A month ago I suddenly started sneezing. Well, sneezing a few time in a day in normal, right? But I was sneezing like 10 times in an hour. I could not understand what was wrong.

After a few days had passed and the sneezes still hadn’t stopped I visited my doctor. After the inspection, the first thing he asked me was “How long ago did you sneeze the last time”. I remembered it was just after I left for the doctor.

And that is when it hit me.

Since I work as a freelancer at home, I was not going out much for the past few days and thus I did not realize it sooner. The sneezing was due to mold.

The doctor told me the same thing.

Then I realized that there was no mold in my house. And then the doctor told me about mold in the air ducts and gave told me to contact mold remediation companies in Bristle RI. I did as I was told by the doctor. Better not disobey the doctor.

So, I made a call to these guys. They were quick to respond and were standing at my doorstep within a few hours. I told them everything that had happened and everything that the doctor had told me.

They went to work right away.

Within 30 minutes they pinpointed the locations where mold was growing.

With the air flow of the HVAC system, the mold spores were carried into every corner of the house. These spores were the cause of my sneezing.

I realized that after a few hours of cleaning the spores, workers from this company were also starting to sneeze. I was astonished to see that instead of complaining or talking about how I failed to realize the problem until it was this bad, they were working constantly without even making a peep.

These people were like fine-tuned machines. They were working without any complains.

Four hours into cleaning and one of them vomited. When I was tending to him giving him something to drink I saw that the eyes of all the workers had gone red. I felt really bad for them. I was ashamed of myself.

After the guys were finished with the air duct cleaning in Bristol RI they told that the problem was caused due to a leaking pipe on the upper floor. The water from that pipe had leaked into the air ducts and was a major factor in escalating the situation to this extent.

I was extremely apologetic and told them that it was all my fault. They declined my apology and told me that this is a more common problem than I think it is and it can happen to anyone. They were extremely professional and worked extremely carefully throughout the house.

If there is anyone who needs an air duct cleaning or mold remediation done I would never recommend anyone other than these guys.


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