Water Fed Poles: Ultimate Window Cleaning Equipment!

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you will always want to see clean windows. Clean windows help enhance the aesthetics of the property, so it is not only a need, but a necessity. Would you not want your property to look beautiful?

There are many types of window cleaning equipment, but the water fed window cleaning poles are quite unique and much better than the usual kind of cleaning equipment. These have been a popular choice of equipment for many window cleaning agencies and companies, because of their amazing features and qualities.


Being a property owner, the beauty of your property must be a top priority. Using the water-fed poles helps you to maintain your property’s aesthetic value. Even window cleaning companies are switching to water-fed poles and not the conventional ones. The main reason is the many perks that you get to enjoy with the water-fed cleaning poles. Here are some of them:

1.  Quality:

When you start using a water-fed pole, you will see a remarkable difference in the quality of cleaning. The poles only use filtered water so, you will not see any smears that cleaning products like detergents leave behind.

Just remember that the first time you switch to the water-fed poles, you might need a much more thorough wash. This is because of the residue that is left on the windows from previous washes, might take time removing.

2.  Environmental benefits: 

If you decide to clean windows with water-fed poles, the main advantage is the elimination of detergent. Detergent, which is washed off ends up in the ecosystem, which can be quite detrimental for nature. A water-fed pole, on the other hand just uses water, so the wash-off that reaches the ecosystem is just water.

Thus, you benefit the environment by not adding to the pollution levels. Absence of chemicals also means that no stain of chemical is left behind on the window, which could react and emit harmful vapours over time and adding to environmental pollution and health risks.

3.  Faster Method of Cleaning:

A water-fed cleaning pole for your windows is a single tool that is a combination of many tools. When these poles are used for cleaning windows, there is no need to carry ladders or set up time-consuming scaffoldings.

The poles also do not use any kind of cleaning chemical or detergent, thus you need not spend time cleaning the residues of such products from the window. All you need to do is clean the windows with filtered water. Ultimately, you get to save a significant amount of time.

4.  Safer Option:

Water-fed poles fall under the section of reach and wash systems. Equipment under this section, helps reduce risks of accidents occurring, which might have occurred if ladders were used. Some companies do not have insurance, so you will have to pay for any accidents that might take place during window cleaning. If you are the business owner, then you can ensure safety of your workers by including these poles in your window cleaning supply.

5.  Cost-Effective Option:

When you can get the job completed at a faster rate, you will get to enjoy good savings. Apart from that you also get to save money on additional costs like detergent, scaffolding and other costs that are part and parcel of a conventional cleaning system. Using a water-fed pole, will eliminate these costs and get you job done at a lower rate.


When you want clean windows, you either do it yourself or hire the services of a professional window cleaner. If you do the cleaning yourself, these poles can reduce the risk of accidents and help you get the job done at a faster rate. Even if you are a professional window cleaning agency, these poles can be beneficial as they reduce the risk of accidents and get the job done much faster, so that you can take up other jobs and improve earnings of your company. So, whether you are a property owner or window cleaning business owner, using a water-fed pole for window cleaning can prove to be a smart idea.


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Written by CaitlynBell