Simply elegant and inexpensive centerpiece mirror decor ideas for your new home

Becoming a homeowner means gaining complete control over a new space you can finally call your own. While the responsibilities and upkeep that come with a new place can often be quite overwhelming, many people are surprised to find themselves overwhelmed with home decoration as well.

Among choices between tiles or hardwood floors, paint or wallpaper, and kitchen islands or countertops, homeowners can easily miss small details that really tie rooms and entire homes together. One of those details is the choice of home décor accessories and pieces made of inexpensive glass or mirrors, particularly centerpieces to put on top of tables and various other surfaces around your home.

The options are endless when it comes to this type of decorations, but if you want your home to stand out for its elegance without going over budget, you can try one of these glass and mirror décor ideas for your new home. Perhaps the best part is that you can make these decorations yourself; all you need is inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces , which you can find at glass shops near you!

Go Traditional With Mirrors As Centerpieces

Mirrors never go out of style, and making them part of your home décor is an aesthetic choice that will reflect your taste for both the classic and the simple.

Be it a dinner table, a coffee table, or a decorative table, inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces can complement and contrast with furniture pieces and other accessories from different materials.

For example, you can keep a wooden table timeless by placing a smaller, same-shaped mirror on top, sitting flat as a centerpiece. A different way to go about this idea is to use a vertical holder or base to keep the mirror standing straight. Other mirror-made or reflective pieces of décor work for this approach as well as long as they are not too sparkly.

Other types of furniture like cabinets can also match with mirrors, since the flat top of the cabinet can go without accessories or decorations as long as there is a big enough mirror mounted on the wall behind it.

Use Inexpensive Mirrors For Centerpieces To Reflect The Uniqueness Of Your Home

Who said mirrors have to be traditional, though? You can play with glass and inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces to create composite pieces that put your creativity on display and add a unique touch of style to your home.

Instead of aiming for an elegant centerpiece, conceive your furniture as the pièce de résistance of the room using mirrors to take them to the next level. A regular table is one thing, but a table whose top is made of several mirrors forming a pattern is a completely unique way to express you, for instance.

If you are not entirely convinced, another way to bring inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces into the mix is to use it to make your tables and furniture shine, literally. Look into modern, low-hanging lamps and candelabra made with mirrors and reflective crystals if you want to look at your home in a new light.

Do More With Less, But Stay Elegant

For those who like the idea of inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces but don’t want to integrate actual decorative mirror pieces in their rooms, there are plenty of alternatives in minimalist art pieces that share their reflective properties.

Nowadays, fine metal trays with chromed finishes are an inexpensive option for people looking for something similar to a silver platter. Dinner tables in particular go great with this sort of centerpieces, but you can go beyond and make shiny cutlery part of the exhibit.

On the other hand, minimalist polished ornaments made of different materials can too bring that mirror-like spark you want to add to your new home. Spheres, cubes, and other geometrical objects are suggested, though you can push for creativity by incorporating art pieces in the same style.

Experiment With Fusion Between Glass And Other Materials

Beyond mirror décor, inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces, and its different variants, homeowners and decorators have a whole new world of possibilities in glass as a complementary material to surfaces and furniture of different nature.

Glass-topped tables are instant classics, and they make your room look way more spacious. If you are worried about scratches or don’t feel like taking an all-glass sort of approach, you can try looking for higher tables with a mid-shelf where you can incorporate a glass top.

A different idea for glass lovers who are not sure about transparency is to adopt one of the most popular current trends and try epoxy resin to make beautiful designs. Make your table or furniture of choice the centerpiece of the room by experimenting with colors, materials, styles and more!

Care For The Environment In Style

If your goal by using inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces is to open up the room and bring some more light to it, you can achieve the same effect by using other type of glass decorations: recycled bottles and containers.

Retro soda bottles, vases, mason jars, and more all make for aesthetically pleasing elements to incorporate to your new home. Besides being quite affordable, they are also very versatile and can adapt to different aesthetics you have conceived for your home.

Glass vases and mason jars can be used to hold seeds, nuts, or candies, and serve as centerpieces in different environments of the house. Bowls and vases can also take a more traditional role and be used to place plants and add a touch of green to your rooms.

More creative types can put old bottles and glass containers to good use and turn them into lamps, flower vases, and even small terrariums or fish tanks.

Bottom Line: Add Simplicity And Class With Mirror And Glass

“Will a glass shop near me be able to help me with some of these ideas?” you may wonder. The answer is: of course! Any glass shop near you will probably be able to assist you in the choice and creation of inexpensive mirrors for centerpieces and other mirror décor accessories.

All the ideas we have shared with you today are not only accessible but also stick to the core desire of many homeowners: to make a home out of their house with simple yet elegant decoration.


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Written by Tom Clark

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