Checklist: what to do after you move

Moving into a new place is both, stressful and thrilling at the same time. Weeks of organizing, sorting bills and packing is behind you. Finally, you are in your new home that still doesn’t look like one, and you have no idea where to start. Setting foot in your new place is just a mere beginning of transforming it into a home. Although you have a terrible urge to do it all at once, slow down and do one thing at a time. Moving in is demanding and takes more effort than just unpacking and hanging paintings on the wall. For instance, you need to clean your house first. Here is a list of must do’s once you cross your new threshold.

Add some color

Make your home truly yours by adding a coat of color on walls and ceiling. However, if the walls have cracks and holes, you better prep the surface before applying paint. Since this can be a time-consuming project, make sure to get help or to hire professionals. If in doubt which color to choose, stick to a neutral palette because it will create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and it will be easy to decorate your home with matching accessory.

Buy cleaning supplies

Although the cleaning part is no fun, having your new place fresh and crispy clean is a sure way to make it more like home. Make sure to clean the place before you move furniture inside.  Clean your bathroom and kitchen thoroughly and vacuum and mop the floors. Use disinfectants or bleach in the bathroom and remember to wear rubber gloves. Dust shelves and cabinets and clean the windows. Make your home squeaky clean and enjoy a fresh start.

Unpack essentials only

To unpack essentials,  one must know how to pack properly and to prepare a survival kit for the first couple of days in a new home. Things you will need is hygiene products like toothpaste, toothbrush shower gel, shampoo, towels, bed sheets, and some clothes. Move on to unpacking stuff that goes to the kitchen, including the food you may have brought with you. If you work from home, set up your home office.

Change locks

Once you have keys to your house, make sure to change all locks. You have no idea who, besides you, might have keys to your home, starting from maintenance people, previous tenants to real estate agents. To feel safe and secure in the privacy in your home, call the locksmith, install new locksets and claim your new territory.

Check smoke detectors

Find out where smoke detectors are located and make sure that they are in good condition. Replace batteries and learn how to maintain them as well as when to replace them. Having functional smoke detectors is the cheapest and most effective way to protect you and your loved ones from smoke and fire, so make sure to check this off your list as soon as you move in.

Deal with utilities

Check if utilities are on and if they’re not, make sure to contact water, gas and power company to turn them on. Also, arrange to have them on your name. Also, make sure to set up the rest of the utilities like phone, cable, internet, trash, etc. Don’t hesitate to get to know your new neighbors and ask them about the most reputable and affordable providers in your area since costs may vary. For instance, the same internet service provider will have different coverage in New York and Kansas City.


Make necessary adjustments right away to make your place more suitable. Establish different areas and see what it will take to make them functional. Most times it is about adding more light or repositioning electrical outlets, especially if you plan to set up a home office. Australian homeowners often choose to customize their homes so they can control everything right from their phones or laptops. In order to set up a smart home system, they rely on professional service like those provided by Antenna Systems.

Splurge on one luxury item

Whether it is your furniture you are moving from the old place or having completely new items, make sure to buy one luxurious piece you’ve always wanted to have. Moving into a new home is the perfect time to start things over and to decorate your place to reflect your style. Have one quality statement piece of furniture that will make your home chic and comfortable. It will make whole moving agony worth it.

Meet neighbors

Safest areas are the ones where there is a close community. Introduce yourself to neighbors and make a friendly gesture by inviting them over for a drink. It is in your best interest to get to know people around you so that you can look out for each other. Also, your neighbors will be the best source of information on areas best handyman or well-supplied grocery shops.


Moving in and settling down is a process that can take quite some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take time to unpack, to examine the place and to adjust your new living space to your needs.


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