8 tips to deal with a bug problem in your garage



Bugs can be problem in your garage at any time of year, as pests make their way in looking for food, water and warmth. If your car is parked in your garage, it can end up covered with dead insects, or droppings from the pests. This is not good for the condition of the vehicle. This is why it’s so important to try and make sure that your garage remains as bug free as possible.

You should call a professional pest control service if the problem is really bad. However, a less serious issue can usually be dealt with by using the helpful tips we have listed in this article.


  • 1. Keep pet food secure


The garage is often the most convenient place to store pet food as it frees up storage in the house. However, spilt or open pet food can be a good food source for unwanted bugs. Make sure that spillages are cleaned up and that all food is kept in airtight containers.  


  • 2. Remove items that are providing a hiding place.


It’s amazing how quickly junk can accumulate in a garage. The problem with this is that an untidy garage is the perfect warm hiding place for bugs. Have a clear out in the garage; get rid of junk and store anything that remains carefully and tidily.


  • 3. Clean the entire garage thoroughly.


It’s easy to neglect a garage, when it comes to cleaning areas of your home. Clean the walls and floors by sweeping and wiping first and then washing with disinfectant. Doing this makes your garage a lot less attractive to bugs.


  • 4. Use insecticide to get rid of insects that you see.


If you know that there are bugs present in your garage, you can use insecticide to kill them. Read the instructions carefully and do not use chemicals when children or pets are present.


  • 5. Check for damp and its causes


Bugs like moisture, so any damp in the garage is a bad thing. Having some damp may be unavoidable, if the garage is not heated. However, there may be a problem, like a leaky pipe, which is causing the issue. This will need to be fixed.  


  • 6. Block up holes and cracks


If there are any cracks or gaps in the walls of your garage, sealing them up can help prevent bugs from gaining entry. Doing this can also make the garage warmer during cold weather.


  • 7. Fit weather stripping to doors


Just like filling gaps and cracks, weather stripping garage doors makes it more difficult for bugs to get in. It also helps to prevent drafts; useful if you spend time in the garage to get some quiet time.


  • 8. Do not leave water standing


Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. They lay their eggs which soon hatch and can start to cause big problems. Removing any containers which could be filled will standing water, close to the garage, helps to remove the attraction for bugs like mosquitoes.

Whatever action you take to deal with a bug problem in your garage, the main aim is usually to protect your car. Click here for more information about this and think carefully about including pest control, and the cleaning off of bugs in your vehicle’s regular maintenance routine.


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